From Walid To Jerusalem Post

From: Walid Shoebat

To: The Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post’s article by Jorg Luyken (who has nothing better to do then support legalizing Holocaust denial.)

Now wrote a smear campaign which was previously rejected for lack of evidence by Gershon Gale from the Jerusalem Post’s Christian Edition (see below). Yet it simply sneaked itself through trickery by Mr. Luyken without informing you of It’s rejection by the Christian edition of the Jerusalem Post, yet you fell for it and published it on the features section without any checking or even including the evidence previously provided by myself to Mr. Gale.

In fact, the below email from Gershon Gale stated his rejection to post such poor article since we knew before hand that Luyken’s intent was not a story, but a fraudulent smear campaign based on a denial of my credentials through false information that was extracted by my terror supporting family and criminals and withholding facts I provided to Mr. Luyken which I will present here. Despite all this, the Jerusalem Post chose to publish this smear article anyway and the damage to my reputation is something that myself and my foundation have to deal with forever.

Yet I do not believe that your publishing of such article was your intent or the intent of the Jerusalem Post. I have always held the Jerusalem Post in high-regards, now I am forced to expose it publicly which adds to the sad reality.

To destroy my credibility, the article posted “Shoebat’s claim to have been a terrorist rests on his account of the purported bombing of Bank Leumi.”

To find one story and make it questionable is a simple tactic to destroy everything a person does and nothing more. Fact is that my story doesn’t rest on this single issue, but a litany of personal accounts from imprisonment, an attempted lynching, a mother that was not permitted to leave to her country (U.S), an education on anti-Semitism, terror support in the U.S, and a connect to family well linked to terrorism as you shall see, as well as a failed bombing operation of an Israeli bank. These are well documented in my book “Why We Want To Kill You,’ yet nothing was refuted in an entire book by this article and only one thing got singled out that Mr. Luyken failed to follow up on leads provided to him by myself. Yet, the facts will speak loudly as I present much evidence here.

Mr. Luyken failed to provide a single family name of my false accusers (which I will) and depended on testimonies of unnamed criminal family members who alongside Mr. Luyken desire nothing more then to discredit my story since they themselves support and connect to financial and actual terrorism. Salameh Daud Salameh Shu’aybat (and sons) who Luyken interviewed illegally funneled money from the United States by defrauding the Social Security system and held different identities that were obtained by fraud. In fact Eiad Salameh Shu’aybat (Salameh’s son) is wanted by the United States for major financial fraud most likely linked to financial terrorism and was involved in a passport fraud operation and even illegally holds an Israeli passport that was fraudulently obtained to smuggle himself in and out of Israel proper. Instead of examining these or calling the Los Angeles Police Department or even view what I posted publicly and referred to Mr. Luyken, and instead of assisting in capturing and exposing such criminals Mr. Luyken chose to interview them, protect their identity, then chose to smear mine. Nidal, another son (a Red Crescent ambulance driver) was with me in the bombing operation of Bank Leumi and was injured years later when Israel killed Muhammad Abayat, one of the most wanted terrorists in Israel. My connection to family of terrorists is an iron-clad case. Evidence of family connection to terror provided to Mr. Luyken included publicly documented information that my relative Jawad Younis, whose brother Kamal Younis was inline to testify against me. Jawad Younis who was exiled by Israel for involvement in a terror ring in fact he can be linked to supporting Hezbollah. Luyken’s attempt to discredit me is nothing new, I will give an example, Eileen Fleming a journalist with the same caliber as Luyken who openly supports Hezbollah in one article stated :On Feb.. 26, I phoned Walid’s relative Kamal Younis the good news that his name was mentioned from the King Center stage and filled him in that his brother Jawad is another supposed terrorist. Kamal laughed, “Walid is a master of spin! He takes one iota of truth and creates a fiction!” (Arabisto)

Fiction? The evidence regarding my family was offered to Mr. Luyken and like Fleming intentionally failed to include the facts. Jawad Younis the Al-Qaeda representative lawyer can be confirmed to have been extradited from Israel. In fact, a letter by my relative Jawad Younis to Hassan Nassrallah (Hezbollah’s leader himself) is viewable on the internet.

Jawad Younis writes “To His Excellency Mr. Nasrallah Secretary General of Hezbullah the Victorious by the will of Allah ‘We grip our hands with you, and all the Jihadists for the cause of Allah’ as you lunge with your souls for the battle of the [Islamic] Umma (nation), to fight the demonic forces of the America and Zionisism, the sons of the great Satan.”

Signed as #4 of this delegation Jawad Younis.

In fact Jawad’s link to myself was confessed by such family members that Luyken interviewed. Jawad was the defense attorney of Abu Zubaydah of Al-Qaeda who in fact was Jawad’s client in absentia. Of course Abu Zubayda is in U.S custody who later confessed against Khalid Sheik Muhammad the mastermind of 9/11 that killed 3000 Americans.

The article failed to mention what I provided Mr. Luyken, that my cousin Raed Khaleel Awadallah Shoebat (Shu’aybat) was also killed during a terror operation to blow up Jews in Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem. He failed to find obvious records provided to him which can even be accessed on the web.

The name is clear “Raed Khaleel Awadallah Shoebat (Shu’aybat)” martyred 1/2/1995. His brother Mahmoud Khaleel Awadallah Shoebat (Shua’ybat) was also sentenced for life for bombing and attempting to kill Jews then released through an international deal.

He also failed to access the internet to find that another family member, Arin Ahmed Shoebat (Shu’aybat) who was part of a suicide bombing operation in Rishon Letzion, when her colleague Mahmoud blew himself and killed innocent Jews. Anyone could have plugged ‘Arin Ahmed’ can find it.

Even the name in Arabic (Arin Shoebat (Shu’aybat) from Beit Sahur) was visited by Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer in prison, can be found.

I requested him to ask my family these terror connections and he stated that he could care less about my family connections. This prompted us to contact Gershon Gale who decided to reject the article. This rejection must have upset Mr. Luyken who went around his pears to a different department. His article was clearly intended not to smear terrorists and their supporters, but the very ones who are fighting terror. Mr. Luyken failed to follow the references provided to him by myself which was widely available on the internet: “In 1977 Walid was caught distributing Palestinian flags and was arrested and held for about two weeks in Mascubia Prison, until his mother went to the Embassy and got him released’..But, when he was in jail he met someone who invited him to join a group against Israel. In 1977 Walid and his friends put packages behind a bank, but there were no explosives in it.’ (Eileen Fleming, Opednews, Feb 2, 2008)

One can read through the lines, I was in prison and was involved with a terror group by my family’s own words. Why would my family remember an event in 1977 in which I planted a package without explosives? Why remember such an uneventful event? This attempt to discredit me is nothing new, yet these stories were never posted on mainstream media, why would the Jerusalem Post chose to publish them? The New York Times article used by Luyken as a credentialed reference is questionable and no serious media believed the smear campaign which included CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) is accepted as a verifiable source? In fact this article was clearly refuted by terror expert Steve Emerson.

The litany of accusation in the media came in sequence, first I was a Lebanese Falangist, when this was proven false, then denial of my connection to ever have lived in Israel, when this was proven false, then I was never in prison in Jerusalem. When this was proven false, then I was a Zionist agent doing this for money. In fact, Mr. Luken shamefully attempts to do this by attacking our financial integrity. Mr. Luyken failed to include that we informed him of the F.F.M.U (Foundation For Middle East Understanding) which we set up as a 501C3 to receive donations, yet he opted to include only the business aspect of our firm (Top Executive Media) that deals with our book sales. That we show $500,000 sales. We must be doing this for money.

Even the two witnesses that were provided to Mr. Luyken that could testify to the bombing were never called or questioned, Mr. Muhammad El-Atrash Shoebat (Shu’aybat) who was arrested when the bomb went off and was held for 3 days in Bethlehem for questioning. Luyken was suppose to examine him as well as the records of the Bethlehem Police Department and failed to do so. Neither was Mr. Alyateem questioned who is able to confirm not only that a bomb did go off, but was with me when we nearly lynched a Jew in Beit Sahur. I will be glad to furnish you his contact information if you care to cover the truth. In fact, Daniel Pipes of Middle East Forum, a well respected and reputable expert analyst examined much of my records–my family’s American relationship with Winston Churchill, land deeds, birth certificates, newspaper reports on family connection to terror and such. Mr. Pipes showed no doubt to my credibility

“Daniel Pipes replies: May 18, 2006 response: Walid Shoebat took the time to visit me in my office today and to show me proofs that his life story is a true one. I accept that it is.”

This has been provided to Gershon Gale, and it was based on such evidences that he rejected to post this flimsy article written by an amateur like Luyken.

Keep in mind that the Jerusalem Post has published articles on me in the past, all of which contradict what Mr. Luyken wrote.

In my defense for Israel and my fight on Jew hatred I have addressed audiences at numerous government agencies, who always scrutinize my credentials and background, and they have cleared me each and every time. I have spoken to the Department of Homeland Security, and FBI Academy, to name only a few. My advisory board is comprised of Generals and other senior officers from the U.S. Military. It is a shame that the Jerusalem Post fell into this smear campaign made by an armature journalist against my character and credentials.

Had any of the claims been true (that I was never a terrorist), why then would the Israeli government deny my entry into Israel? Mr.. Luyken was provided my account to apply entry into Israel which all can be confirmed by Mr. Khalidi from the Israeli Embassy in San Francisco. In fact, my exit visa was dated 1978 proving that I was 18 when I left Israel and not 16 as claimed in the article.

In fact it was this reason why we contacted the Jerusalem Post in the first place, to publish an article on how Israel rejects my entrance and is entertaining to bring back into Israel all the terrorists that attacked the Church of the Nativity. Instead I got this? Why fight? Terrorists are encouraged and anyone who fights them looses.

Luyken wrote “But after checking its files, the bank said it had no record of an attack on its Bethlehem branch anywhere in the relevant 1977-79 period.. “Yet Mr. Luyken was asked to examine the Bethlehem Police records after he called me for a more precise date. He never called. The date I was prepared to provide for both of my prison (May 1977) and bombing (June-August 1977). Instead of calling he went on with the story like a trigger happy Palestinian terrorist.

The only thing that Luyken correctly disclosed was that my real name is “Walid Shoebat (Shu’aybat)” which we say is an assumed name for the sole purpose of security. Even the name I use is true, and now I have to risk additional danger to please you. Had I been a liar, I would not have used my real name. It seems that all I did to fight Anti-Semitism is in vain, for the very ones I chose to fight seem to hate us the most. This is a shame I carry with me forever.

The least you can do is retract this story or post my refutation to it.

I would like to end this by thanking you, but unfortunately I can find nothing to thank you for.

Walid Shoebat


From: Gershom Gale [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 9:14 AM
To: Dan Calic
Subject: Re: Walid

The Jerusalem Post Christian Edition will not be pursuing this story.


From: ” Dan Calic ”
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 09:19:59 -0800
To: ” Gershom Gale ”
Subject: Walid


The number to call Walid is 877-839-0846.

As per our understanding once you get the story

please send me a copy and then we�ll set up a time

for you to speak to Walid.

In case you have any problems getting through

my number in the US is 650-619-1901 [West coast].

~ Dan

If you can imagine a hundred terrorists storm into the Vatican holding hostage everyone in the Pope’s headquarters including all clergy and priests then exchanging fire with the authorities, then ransack the place destroying ancient relics and such. What would you think should be done after these terrorists are caught? To Catholics, the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. Yet, the Nativity is THE place were Christ Himself was born. Yet all the terrorists who desecrated the birth place of The King of Kings in 2002 &am p;nb sp;get released without any jail time while I get condemned for repenting. Olmert is entertaining the idea of even bringing home this very gang of thugs while I am not even allowed to visit the birth-place of my Jewish King-of-Kings. What is the most ironic thing about this story is that it was the Vatican that called for the safe release of the gang when they shamed the holiest place in Christianity. On this Christmas I bring to remembrance terrorist Atef Abiyat Commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade from my village of Beit Sahur-Bethlehem, one of the most wanted Palestinian PLO terrorist and fugitives who was directly responsible for the deaths of five Israelis. Well, he was not really a fugitives, these ‘fugatives’ gain the support of the entire Palestinian community who walked in his funeral. Now they get the support of Olmert in order to please a new god they call “world-community.” Abiyat and two associates were killed after a car in which they were riding exploded in my village as Israelis sniped him with a missile for his responsibility of killing Israelis. Yet the Palestinian sources claim the incident was a targeted killing by Israel. Abiyat was related to Hussein Abiyat, one of the first Palestinian gunmen to be killed in the Intifada. He and two women bystand ers di ed after helicopter missiles hit his car. The two ladies were relatives of mine, and the injured man was my first cousin who was with me when I bombed Bank Leumi Bethlehem branch which was adjacent to the Nativity Church were Christ’s birth place.. Many of the Abiyat family helped suicide bombers and purchased chemical compounds or explosives, planned the suicide bombing at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, and even occupied the Church of Nativity, Christ’s birth place, desecrating it and holding all the priests as hostage and settting fires in it.

Yet, The Vatican and the U.S. pressured Israel was forced to set free the terrorists who violated the church. The terrorists now reside in Italy, Greece, Ireland, and Portugal. These terrirists who are released by the thousands become the ideological and operational foundation for many terrorist activities in the years that followed. These releases occur constantly; while Al-Qaeda gets hunted down, PLO terrorists roam the steets, after all, they are only killing Jews. Who ever says that the Holocsaust ended is a liar.. That should make an eye-opening bumper sticker, yet I doubt it would win any popularity since it will offend the new god everyone calls “the world community.”

My cousin, Mahmud Khalil Awad-Allah, was also released from prison after being given a life sentence for bomb planting and terrorism. It’s a revolving door, and the terrorists know it. International pressure finally works, and terrorists are back on the street to kill more of the innocent..

War on Terror? My foot.


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