The New Messiah completes his title Prince of Peace

Barack Hussein Obama the new Messiah but he had to complete his title as the Prince of Peace. Nine months into to presidency two major speeches one to the Muslim world and the second at the UN, he is pronounced Nobel Laureate for Peace and about to be anointed in Norway. WOW, WOW hale the Messiah!!

The world is either very sick or very stupid, maybe both. Al Gore is the Nobel Laureate for Global Warming, when the earth is now cooling for eleven years in a row and now the world is on the edge of war with an appeasing president; it will undoubtedly deliver us the opposite of peace. How naive can the world be? Well it is about as naive as the world was in the 1930s, I suppose.

To listen to the justification for such a prize is so funny if it were not so pathetic. As one radio commentator put it this morning, that he had just himself been awarded an Oscar for the greatest film he has yet to make. I thought we win acknowledgment and prizes for achievements not for expectations. I get it, the Nobel committee have embraced the great American policy of affirmative action and that even if you do not achieve, because you are a minority we have to allow you to join the club.

The Nobel Laureate prize has already discredited its value by awarding Nobel prizes to Yasser Arafat, Al Gore and now to a President who cannot justify such a prize based on his record to date.

If Barack Hussein Obama was the real deal he should thank the Nobel board for their honor but refuse to accept the prize until he has shown the world that he can deliver some tangible results in peace with justice and truth not just an absence of war. However, based on viewing this arrogant and narcissistic record to date it is unlikely that a gesture of humility will be forthcoming.

I hope and pray that President Obama can achieve the expectations the world sets for him, but based on the current track and the lessons of history we are set for some very difficult times ahead.

Hope and change is here, hale the new Messiah, Nobel Prince of Peace.


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