Ft Hood Memorial Convention Tickets now available online‏

Hi Friends

Anyone wishing to attend the event in November, you can now purchase tickets online as well as special VIP tickets.

In July we have lined up meetings with 56 churches in the Killeen area who have all expressed an interest as well as at least 6 churches who have already volunteered to be actively helping us with the event – both within their church and in the community. The combined attendance of the 6 churches is over 4000 people and of the 56 churches their membership is over 20,000. Since there are only 1940 tickets left we expect them to be allocated or sold by end of August.

If you are interested in securing your spot I would advise that you purchase your tickets as as soon as possible.

Tickets are only $25.00 and VIP tickets which include a buffet dinner, preferred seating as well as meeting the speakers personally are $100 per VIP ticket. All purchases are regarded as donations and are tax deductible. If you purchase 50 tickets you will receive 48 tickets and two VIP tickets; You will only pay regular price of $25 for the VIP tickets.

Here is the link to purchase:

We hope this event will have national coverage as well as be very controversial. We will have 6 nationally known speakers as well as a memorial service. The event is on Nov 21st, a Sunday from till 8 pm. The Killeen Convention Center where it will be held I am told is very comfortable and we will have caterers there to provide good meals for the evening break. We also have contracted with top security people and the event will be secured properly and professionally with full cooperation with the local law enforcement authorities and the department of public safety of Texas.

Our organization is determined to speak the truth loud and clear in our nation. You can help us by attending, or if you cannot then a donation will be greatly appreciated as we expect to run over budget by at least $15,000 without extra donations. We have made the tickets as cheap as possible so everyone including lower income people can attend who wish to.

We all must do our part to preserve freedom in the country of the last great hope for mankind – the United States of America.


Keith Davies
Executive Director of the Walid Shoebat Foundation and FFMU


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