First Interview For Walid with Laura Ingraham tomorrow‏


Walid will do his first interview with Laura Ingraham
on her nationally syndicated radio show concerning the 911 Mosque at 10.15 am Eastern Time tomorrow Aug 27. If Laura Ingraham Show is not in your market you can listen on line live

Laura Ingraham is ranked 6th most listened to Talk Show in the country with more than 5.5 million weekly listeners.

Walid will also be on before that at 8.30 am EST Aug 27th on the Stephen Gill Show which is on in 42 markets with nearly a million listeners.

At 7.30 pm tonight Walid will be on the Joe Paggs Show with substitute host Simon Conway, another syndicated show with over one million listeners a night. To listen online if the show is not in your radio market, go to

The Truth is being delivered loud and clear.

Keith Davies


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