Dear Promoter of the Truth

Dear Friend and Supporter

Be a promoter of the truth

Be a proactive campaigner to expose the agenda of Islam and its messages of hate and domination.

It is not politically incorrect to speak against Nazism, the KKK or other White supremacists; then it should not be politically incorrect to speak against and expose the hatred espoused by Islam which is a giant cult that persecutes and kills non Muslims in the millions.

Our web site has many documentary videos which need to be shared with those who are righteous people who are just ignorant of the facts. We go to school and university to educate ourselves for the most part, so we can get a good job or career. However, sometimes we need to educate ourselves and our friends so that our country can continue to enjoy the freedoms that the founders of America and subsequently the protectors of the free world so that we can remain free.

The followers of Islam have the same objective as Hitler i.e subjugate the whole world under Islamic Sharia law and kill the Jews.

As a supporter of the Walid Shoebat Foundation we ask you to invest a little money in purchasing the following videos, not just for your own education but to share with others who are not as tuned in as you maybe.

Invite friends over for a coffee evening and show one of the videos (one hour) serve coffee and a snack and discuss the issues which the film exposes. Then ask your friends to do the same thing with their friends so the truth can spread. If you are able to buy more videos from us so you can ask some of your friends to purchase copies of the same films so they can start to share the same material as quickly as possible.

Here are three videos which we recommend to expose the past and present danger of Islam.

The Armenian Genocide 60 minutes
The Forgotten Genocide 30 minutes
Home Grown Jihad 45 minutes

Add to Cart: All THREE DVDs for $49.50 with FREE shipping

If you are in financial position to stock 20 copies (combined order) or more of the above we can offer better prices. Call (877)832-7200 for more information.

We hope to offer more of these over next few months. When you purchase the videos you provide a great tool for your use in spreading the truth as well as providing us the financial support for our work to educate and influence millions more.

Each one of us can make a difference in protecting our freedom and way of life. If one person can influence one hundred people and we find 3 million people (1% of the US population) then we can move public opinion to a stage in which our media and political leaders will be forced to take the right action. We need to do it one person at a time.

As Nike says “Just do it”

Keith Davies


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