The Man With Bloody Hands

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Posted: 10:36 PM, April 26, 2011

Bashar al-Assad! You’ve just murdered hundreds of your countrymen in an attempt to keep power. What are you going to do next?

“I’m going to join the UN Human Rights Council!”

It’s mind-boggling but true: Syria is up for a seat on the UN panel charged with “promoting . . . human rights and fundamental freedoms for all.”

The UN being the UN, the butcher who leads a regime of torture at home and exports terror abroad stands to be elected to a three-year term on May 20.

We hope he remembers to wipe the blood off his hands the next time he visits Turtle Bay.

Actually, he could organize the council’s “despot caucus” — hooking up with such human-rights paragons as China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia and Uganda. (Libya was booted in March, but who’s to doubt it’ll be back if Col. Khadafy kills enough rebels?)

Certainly Syria meets the most important criteria for council membership:

* Do you hate Israel? Check.

* Are you run by a dictator? Check.

* Is it state policy to terrorize your own citizens? Check.

According to the State Department, Syrian security forces routinely torture prisoners by selecting from a macabre list of 38 specific tortures — none of which will be detailed here.

Nevertheless, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Assad a “reformer” in an interview last month.

Go figure.

Now the State Department says it would be “inappropriate and hypocritical” for Syria to join the council.


Syria will be quite at home there.

The only questions, really, are these:

* Why did the United States join when President Obama took office? (George W. Bush, to his everlasting credit, refused to have anything to do with it.)

* Why is the president seeking another three-year term on the council?

Foreign policy is hard, we know, but the UN Human Rights Council is easy.

Just say no.


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