Honoring The Israeli Defense Forces Week: Six Day War Memorial
Song: Jerusalem of Gold; commemorates G-d’s victory over the forces of Satan.

Watch Documentary of the “44th Anniversary of The 6 Day War”

Full BBC documentary on Six Day War which is a good reflection of what happened, however there are a few inaccuracies. First, not one Arab Home was demolished during the War of 1967, as House demolitions only started when Suicide Bombing and illegal construction without building permits became common in Judea and Samaria a few decades later but never during or after the 1967 Six day War. Secondly the film underplays and hardly mentions the buildup to the war and the jew hatred spewed by President Nasser and the “Arab Street”. The film also overplays the refugee issue of the Palestinians and fails to mention that in 1947/48 over 26,000 Jewish refugees were created when the Jordanians over ran Judea and Samaria. Further nearly one million Jewish refugees were caused by Arab ethnic cleansing between 1948 and 1973. Today All Arab countries except Morocco are Judenrein when prior to 1948 there was over a million jews living in Arab countries. Purchase “The Silent Exodus” which tells their story.


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