This Jerusalem document was signed by Husham Al Husayni (Husseini) the Dearborn Imam featured on “All American Muslims”

This Jerusalem document was signed by Husham Al Husayni (Husseini) the Dearborn Imam featured on “All American Muslims” His name appears near the bottom of all the signatories about 4th last

The Muslim “Mein Kampf” Document on Jerusalem


In the name of God the Merciful


Calls a gathering of scientists and intellectuals and cadres of the Iraqi community in Britain to look for the future of Jerusalem, about the attempts to legitimize the Zionist occupation to them.



And the fact that Jerusalem, the first Qiblah and the third holiest site, it was necessary to have the position of the Iraqi community in countries of destination, part of the supervisor of the position of the Arab and Islamic nation, and continue to work to resist the Zionist tyranny and usurpation of fundamental rights of the Palestinian people, the Arab-Muslim.

And had held a meeting in the “Imam Al-Khoei Foundation” in London on 5 Jumada I 1421 AH day on 6/8/2000, and was attended by gentlemen interested in, including Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Dr. Wise and His Eminence, Sayyed Abdul Majid al-Khoei and Dr. Alaa and Overture Sayed Mohammad Bahr al-Ulum and Dr. Rubaie and Professor Nuri al-Latif, and agreed on the selection committee, including the preparation and document the historic Jerusalem following:

* Condemns the Israeli occupation of the Holy Jerusalem.

* And calls for world opinion to end this occupation.

* And appeal to the Arab and Islamic governments to take a common position to safeguard the dignity of the nation.

* And to remind people of the Islamic nation to perform the sacred duty of jihad.

* To continue the march of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, and the rebels deep in the rocks of Palestine.

* And claim the return of all refugees and displaced Palestinians to their homes and compensation, and not resettled in other countries Saddam’s regime also seeks the criminal in order to settle them in Iraq as part of a peaceful settlement of rehabilitation.

And signed the document scholars and intellectuals, and political and scientific figures in the Diaspora: Spain, Australia, Germany, America, Ireland, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, France, Canada, Austria and the Netherlands, and others. Representing the conscience of the nation, and throughout its history supervisor, and the document is still open for signature and support.


The text of the document



In the name of God the Merciful


“Praise the prisoners of his servant by night from the Sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque, which blessed him to Nrah of Our Signs, He is the Hearer, the Knower” Isra 1


Israeli insistence on the rape of Jerusalem these days, was planned in the Zionist Congress fateful meeting in Basel in 1897, and since it was Jerusalem to the flagrant violation of the sight and hearing of the whole world in 1967, sang the world’s attention to the editing of the Zionist invaders, and put United Nations and the Security Council to the test, and lined up with the right all the free people of the religions of Muslims and Christians and Jews and all lovers of good and peace lovers of mankind at large.


The Al-Aqsa Mosque is a holy site in terms of doctrinal, and is the first Qiblah and the third holiest site, in addition to being extremely Isra Messenger of Allah (r) and the principle of Marajh. It also represents a regression to the Arab social extend to five thousand years of historical terms, and coupled with that date the movement to Abraham and Moses and Jesus (p), where the movement culminated in the Prophet’s Night Journey to the crown of Muhammadi Mosque.

The occupation by the blatant oldest Zionist entity, and what continues to flagrantly breaking the obstinacy of the campus and violating holy sites, sets the world on the threshold of a new phase, dominated by the logic of aggression and is characterized by a barbaric behavior is not consistent with the most basic human rights, much as it harmonizes the law of the jungle, which was unanimously each nations of the earth and its refusal to address them.


While development of this huge event and all that surrounded the risk and what it takes to benefits to the whole world and the forces controlling it, making it the world in a state exam reveals the extent of his respect for the rights of Muslims and people of other faiths and of all humanity, as it would be to sort the historic official May date the validity and fairness of justice, security and human dignity.


While we condemn the policy of the Zionist entity in the usurpation of Muslim land – Arab holy, we remind the international community to stand as one, and making a clear position on a specific face the danger that threatens the interests of humanity, and makes the Muslim world is in danger and it is the heart of the world and Forum three continents, with all gifted with God and the date of tenders, will supplement the march of humanity with all factors of the good.


The Islamic nation extended to all parts of the world in all its nationalities and creeds and political forces have not and will not be compromised in the matter of such importance at the doctrinal, political and geographical .. And if the early twentieth century had faced the beginning of the aggression on Palestine, there has been at the same time the positions of references Muslims from the violation of the likes of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein detector cover and Mr. Mohsen al-Hakim and Mr. Abe, Qasim al-Khoei and Mr. Imam Khomeini and Mr. Martyr Sadr and all references, and reflected on what the cause of the Palestinian Islamic material and moral support, and Astrechas blood generously shed on its soil for the liberation of the holy land and rights.


The conflict between good and evil, my will is not measured by the age of a generation, and not going on certain land, Jerusalem is implemented as a Muslim to a depth of old time, and extends to the future, and has a balance of a human than a large (five) 5 / 1 of the souls of the world, and the risks to the risk of a Zionist does not stop at the borders of Palestine and not the Islamic East but extends to all humanity and Bmuslimha Nasraneha and its Jews, and the human family as a whole.


The time has come for the departments of the States concerned and the decision and influence, from America, and of not, she should review its stance toward the Zionist aggression, and that calculated for their people and for humanity as a whole and to its interests account rationally, and to write history for the future, before they become a curse upon , and avoid the sin of aggression committed by the nation with all the elements of civilization, morality, and show co-existence with others, and has a wealth of great contribute to the enrichment of humanity everywhere, and also contributed actively in the intellectual march of civilization throughout history.


The Islamic nation, with its balance of massive humanitarian not and will not forget who stands beside them in times of adversity, and it put all of it means it in front of the responsibility to defend the right and dignity of a reservation for the march of civilization integrity and humanity throttle and honor, and maintained by the treachery and abuse .


We appeal to the whole world, Bnizath international humanitarian institutions and its governments and powerful, and all the broad sectors that make up civil society of any country, and the entire international community, and emphasize the Islamic nation as a whole to bear the responsibility of all those religious and humanitarian obligations towards what is going on the stage policy of confiscating Palestinian, and we appeal to all the children of our nation, reminding of the following:


1 – appeal to the United Nations and the Security Council and all the countries of the world to end separation of the occupation of Jerusalem Al-Sharif, which was attended by politicians and contemporaries and lived all of its chapters, and contributed to the decisions of rejection by Tdmenhta decisions of the United Nations as a decision 242.


2 – put all the Islamic countries and the Arab and the Arab League and Organization of the Islamic Conference to the awareness of the responsibility of the Zionist invasion and absorption of threats to the Arab and Islamic worlds are, and take a common position represents the will of the nation and preserve its dignity.

3 – We call upon the owners of influence in decision-making positions and mechanisms of thought and influence in the Muslim world, to start from the “common threat” and make a responsible attitude towards the Muslims threatening the present and future.


4 – remind people of our glorious nation prepare to perform the duty of holy war, and continue the process begun by the sons righteous in southern Lebanon from Hezbollah’s youth Endowed, and in the depth of Palestine from the rebel rock heroes, the nation has such a right brilliant and has such legitimacy bright, and the date plagued, foot, and may have availability factor of power and goodness can not find is a way for a holy war to protect Jerusalem and all the honor of Islam.


5 – serious claim the right of Palestinians to return to their home country, and beware of the consequences of preventing their return to it, and alert to the machinations of grooming “resettlement” to attract to the squares and the other of them evacuated the Palestinian arena, also seeks the criminal regime of Saddam, on the pretext of sympathy!! Which leads to

Devote Alziota occupation, and upset the demographic situation in occupied Palestine.


Our note that these sons of the nation address all these merits in mind and put their history tied with Jerusalem, and their present and mortgaged their fate stalled them, and address the religions of Christianity and Judaism Asonowa assailants desecrated Jerusalem to remain the capital of the Muslims and foster them.


As we address our brothers the sons of the heroic Palestinian people, who have stepped epic fight to the death, and Trzoa his land Botehr blood, to continue their march tagged jihad and patience, sacrifice, and that God Almighty will be with them, and Jmaheraloma Islamic its rules petition, and potential huge support for them, and that review some of the leaders of the Palestinians themselves who bet on the international will, and that Athobwa to their senses and lead a devotion to God Almighty, and to derive victory from him, standing in the trench of the masses.

And to feel deeply, and the confidence of a nation they are part, and the section of history, civilization, and juice. And to support Allah who supports him

9 June 1421, which falls on September 9, 2000.


Ibrahim al-Jaafari (d) of the Islamic Dawa Party / London

Asad al-Tai human rights organization / Finland

Mohsin Iftikhar Shakir (d) a dentist

Akram al-Hakim Professor / London


Hakim’s statement (d) Ihsan Charitable Society World


Iraqi tribes assigned vocalist / London


Thamer Kazaz Iraqi Welfare Association / London


Hazem jewelry (d) a university professor / Nuremberg / Germany

Hamid Al Bayati (d) A representative of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (London)

Belle Musa Kazim (d) Status of Women Zahra / London

Hussein al-Shami (Mr.) General Supervisor of Dar Al Islam Foundation / London

Hamid Mansour displaced dealer / Manchester

Haidar al-Sadr official, gathered the people of the house, Katrina Holm / Sweden

Haider al-Abadi (d) of the Islamic Dawa Party / London


Khalid Ibrahim, Human Rights Watch / Dublin, Ireland


Darwish Moradi dealer displaced Kurdish Willy *


Rashad Al-Ansari (Sheikh) of Imam al-Mahdi Foundation / Netherlands

Ridha Jawad Taqi continuous sit-in Trafalgar Square / London


Sami al-Askari, a member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Dawa Party / London

Sami Azara putty President of the Movement for National Reform / London

Saad Jawad (d) the movement of Soldiers of the Imam

Salman Sudan (Sheikh) Secretary of the group of Muslim Scholars in Britain


Shomran rotavirus (d) a university professor / London

His wise and (d) the World Dialogue ideological / United Nations

Saleh al-Hakim (Mr.) scholar / Denmark

Safaa Mahmoud representative of the Supreme Council for Revolution in Iraq Alasalamay / Vienna

Salah Al Bilal (Sheikh) religious leader Imam Al-Khoei Foundation / London

Salah al-Khatib (d) Almntma World Islamic Human Rights to defend the front


Zia Shakurji (Sheikh) in front of the Iraqi Islamic Society in Hamburg / Germany


Adel Abdul-Mahdi, director of the Center of Islamic Studies and Documentation / France

Amer sweet (Mr.) official status of the people of the Islamic Cultural House Vienna

Abdul Amir Hassani, a human rights activist Geneva, Switzerland

Abdul Amir Obeis morning to retired Major General shows an independent Iraqi

Abdul Baqi Khazraji (d) a university professor and researcher Geneva / Switzerland

Abdul-Jabbar spark (d) Sheikh professor status of a religious leader the people of the Islamic House Sydney / Australia

Abdul Hamid Najdi (d) a university professor / London

Sheikh Abdul-Rahim Mohammed Hussein Al Detector cover Financial Manager / Switzerland

Abdul-Zahra al-Bandar (d) former professor at Baghdad University

Abdul-Sahib Research Centre Moussawi, head of the Islamic Montreal / Canada

Abdul Mohsen Abbas (d) the competence of a doctor / East London

Abdel Monem Hassan (d) an Islamic writer / London

Adnan, yesterday (d) shows an Iraqi Islamic

Issam paste (d) Noor Foundation / United Kingdom

Ala Overture (d) Mdermahd Arab and Islamic Studies / London

Alaa al-Hashemi engineer / Hamburg, Germany

Alaa Hussein’s official human rights organization in Iraq / Netherlands

Ali Awsy (d) a university professor

Ali al-Husseini (d) a consultant physician and hospital is not a medal Six / London

Ali Adhadh Islamic scholar and human rights activist / Geneva, Switzerland *

Ali Allawi (d) a businessman

Issa Hussein Hassani dealer / Malaga Island


Ghalib Shabandar thinker / Malmö Sweden


Faiza approved pharmaceutical

Fadel Al-Husseini melanotic (d) (Mr.) Dean of the Faculty of Sharia / London

Fadel Al-Khatib (Sheikh) preacher / London

Alshlana Fadhil (Sheikh) Council spokesman Shia Muslim Scholars in North America

Paradise Centre Moussawi, Zahra / London

Ferial Al-Attiyah Iraqi Women’s Caucus / London


Qasim Alshlana Islamic Iraqi writer / London *


Mr. Jawad Kazem inch dealer son of the martyr / Madrid, Spain

Kamel Abu loaf (d) Islamic scholar

Kamal Optical Islamic Council of the Iraqi community / Britain

Kamal Khazali (d) The doctor / London


Mohammad Hakimi professor

Mohammed al-Musawi (Mr.) Secretary General of the Association of Ahl al-Bayt of the Islamic World

Muhammad Baqir al-Nasiri (Sheikh) Secretary General of the movement of scientists Mujahideen in Iraq / London

Mohammed Bahr al-Ulum (d) (Mr.) Secretary General of the Ahl al-Bayt Islamic Centre / London

Mohammed Zaki Suwaij (Mr.) religious advisor in Houston / USA

Mohammed Saeed al-Kufa Turaihi Academy / The Netherlands

Muhammad Sadiq Aladnana (Professor) poet and university professor, doctor / London

Mohamed Abdel Aljabbarhrkh cadres of Iraqi Islamic / London

Mohammed Allawi, the Association of Ahl al-Bayt Islamic World

Mohammed Ali al-Shahristani, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International University of Islamic Sciences / London

Mohammed Mahdi al-Khalisi (Sheikh) A member of Iraq in the World Council of Trustees of Jerusalem (Beirut-based)

Mohammad Mehdi Hashem Jondallah Imam / London

Murtaza Qazwini (Mr.) religious leader Imam Sadiq Foundation / Los Angeles America

Mustafa al-Musawi (Mr.) religious leader of the Islamic Cultural Center / Los Angeles America

Mustafa al-Moussawi representative of the Islamic Accord Movement in London

Mustafa Habib cadres of the Islamic Movement of Iraqi / London

Harmful to sweet (Mr.) world of religion and an Islamic scholar

Munir Turaihi (Sheikh) scholar / London

Rubaie (d) the Islamic world / London


Nadir Ahmed, university professor and a scientific researcher at the University of Huddersfield formerly / Britain

Nabil Alwan (Sheikh) cleric Hussein Hussein, Khaddam / Denmark

The success of Kazim (d) Professor of the University of

Nizar al-Haidari (d) The doctor / Britain

Ahmed grew up representative of the Islamic Union of Iraqi Turkmen / London

Yes Allawi Ihsan Charitable Society World


Hisham al-Hassani (d) a pediatrician

Hisham al-Husseini (Sheikh) Guide of the Islamic Center of Karbala / Dearborn, Michigan United States

Hana al-Janabi, an advocate for refugees / Britain


Walid al-Hilli (d) Visiting Professor at the University of North London


Joseph of Nazareth (Sheikh) shows an Iraqi cleric


Temple Mount


* In BC in 1005 to open city of King David of Jerusalem and made ​​it the capital.

* In the year 70 BC Admourroman the city of Jerusalem and expelled the Jews from them.

* In the year 638 AD, Muslims conquered the city of Jerusalem.

* In the year 1099 AD, the Crusaders conquered the city.

* In 1256 AD Mamluks impose their control over the city.

* In 1516 the city of Jerusalem under Ottoman sovereignty.

* In 1917 the British occupied the city of Jerusalem.

* In 1948 the Jews occupied the western part of the city.

* In 1976, Israel occupied the eastern part of the city of Jerusalem.


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