Video: By Singling out Turkey’s Islamist Government, TX Governor inches closer to Identifying Fethullah Gulen

Texas Governor Rick Perry raised some eyebrows at a presidential debate shortly before he dropped out of the race, when he identified Turkey as having an Islamist government. Once we admit this reality collectively, as a nation, we can take the very disturbing, yet necessary, next step. The man who was perhaps most instrumental in Turkey’s transformation from a secular government to an Islamist one is Fethullah Gulen. He did so through speeches, propaganda, and charter schools, though his followers insist he’s not involved in the curriculum of those schools.

The problem with Gulen is that he has been living right here in the United States for more than a decade and his charter schools are all over this country. In fact, these schools have a very strong presence in Perry’s state, Houston in particular.

As this video points out, one such school has recently been constructed in the Texas capital of Austin, Perry’s own backyard.

When Perry spoke of Turkey in candid terms during the debate, he helped to peel back an outer layer of a very big onion with many more layers.


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