United Nations shocked that Barbarians act like Barbarians

If there is anything that Wikileaks taught us, it’s that government leaders are not anywhere close to being as ignorant as they’d like us to believe, which makes this latest report that the United Nations is surprised that Muslim Brotherhood-inspired terrorists would torture the people they have rounded up, despicably laughable.

Via the UK Telegraph:

The UN has expressed its alarm over the failure of the Libyan government to disarm militias and stop widespread torture of the thousands of people held in arbitrary detention.

The warning that human rights abuses were rampant in Libya came as Medicins San Frontieres, the medical charity, said it was suspending its operations in detention centres in the city of Misurata after encountering scores of torture victims.

Ian Martin, the UN envoy for Libya, said that the new Libyan authorities were failing to bring armed factions under control. As a result the law of gun dominated a country scarred by the dictatorship of Col Muammar Gaddafi.

Why would the UN be shocked when the informed populace has been warning about this very thing before the ‘Arab Spring’ was even in full bloom?

Remember, Senator John McCain once said the Libyan rebels were his heroes back in April of 2011. Fast forward to the 1:00 mark.


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