Report: Ayatollah orders Attacks through man whose Colleague visited Oval Office

Reza Kahlili is reporting that Ayatollah Khameini has ordered the chief commander of the Quds Forces to collaborate with Hezbollah to coordinate terror attacks in response to the assassination of one of Iran’s nuclear scientists. The man Khameini reached out to is very relevant but first, Kahlili’s report.

Via WND:

After the recent assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, deputy director of the first uranium enrichment facility at Natanz, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ordered retaliation.

He instructed Gen. Qasem Soleimani, the chief commander of the Quds Forces, to prepare the ground for terrorist attacks, first to retaliate against assassination and espionage within the Iranian nuclear program, and second, to go on the offensive to make the West understand that any military action against Iran will create much instability in the world.

The Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah will meet with Iranian Quds Forces in Iraq’s Kurdistan region next week to discuss ways to export arms and explosives to Hezbollah cells and strengthen terrorist cells in the Middle East, according to SepahOnline, the media outlet close to the Revolutionary Guards.

Why is Qasem Soleimani so important?

Some might remember that we wrote about a man named Hadi al-Ameri last month, in reference to his ties to Iran and terrorism in light of the red carpet treatment he received from the White House. One of the articles used in our research was from an Arabic translation from 2005. It revealed a close connection between al-Ameri and Qasem Soleimani.

Via URUKnet:

Hadi Farhan Abdullah Al Ameri, known as “Abu Hassan Al Ameri”, is currently leading Badr Organization and is one of the figures that are directly connected to the Iranian Al Quds Brigade.

Al Ameri’s journey started with the Shiite opposition, by the beginning of the 80s, when he left Iraq to Jordan, where he remained for a few days before moving to Syria. In Syria, he contacted the Supreme Council and he was transported to Iran. He spent all the following years there.

Al Ameri holds the Iranian nationality under the name of Hassan Ameri and his wife is Iranian. He usually visits Iran and meets with Qassem Sulaimani, the head of Al Quds Brigade, under the Iranian guard forces, on a regular basis.

While being in Iran, Al Ameri played a role in torturing the Iraqi prisoners, who were captured by Iran during the Iraqi-Iranian war. Prisoners who returned from there accuse him of being the cruelest against them. This role helped him to reach the status that he occupies in the eyes of the Iranians.

Here is a screen shot from the Fox News report on al-Ameri’s White House visit.

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