Video Flashback: BBC Employee fired for requesting Caucasian cab driver for Daughter

This is from a few years ago but in light of events that have transpired since, it warrants another look through the lens of hindsight. A woman named Sam Mason, who worked as a radio personality for the BBC, called a cab company and requested a caucasian cab driver, preferably a female. The representative for the cab company essentially accused Mason of being a racist, though Mason didn’t help her cause by prefacing her request by conceding that her request would sound “racist.”

Nonetheless, when those in the West who shake their heads in disgust at blatant media bias, this provides a look behind the curtain.

Mason was smeared as a racist and fired by the BBC for requesting a certain type of person transport her young teenage daughter. Conversely, demands made by Muslims are far too often met with acquiescence. Until westerners stand up, this will continue to gradually get worse. As it does, it will be more difficult to reverse.

h/t Bare Naked Islam


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