Why the Latest Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Have No Chance

The preliminary peace talks between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Amman were suspended. Here’s why. When it comes to the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks, rule #1 is that the core issue regarding the conflict is not about land. Newt Gingrich touched on this when he said that the Palestinians are “an invented people.” The stated goal, that the issue is about land, is a myth. The reality behind the myth is the elimination of the Jews. This is why Maen Rashid Areikat, the PLO’s ambassador to the U.S., recently said that the future Palestine should be free of Jews. It is why Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator, told the Huffington Post that “Israeli soldiers and settlers — ‘persons who are amid an occupation, who are in my land illegally’ — would be rejected from the new (invented) Palestinian state.”

For that, Israel would have to give Ariel and Ma’ale Adumim over to the Palestinians. In return, more than 56,000 people would be forcibly ejected from their homes and compelled to find a new place to live. In essence, the Palestinians would like to create a Nakba for Israel just as they created it for themselves, when they attempted to destroy Israel in 1948. There is an Arab proverb that says “the Arab got his revenge 50 years later.”

When it comes to the Palestinian welfare, it is Israel that cared more about raising the standard of living for Palestinians. I had once asked my own Palestinian family:

“Why do you reject Israel, especially since your standard of living under Israel was better than before the Palestinian Authority took over?”

The answer from my uncle was swift:

“You know very well that we will never accept Jews to rule over us.”

Palestinianism is a racist ideology and nothing more.

It is for this reason that Erekat continues to create a fictitious ‘Palestinian misery’ that he blames on the Zionist state while using the “peace card” in order to gain concessions. Lately, Erekat is demanding the release of Marwan Barghouthi and other PFLP terrorists like Ahmad Sa’dat and Aziz Duweik, the Hamas leader along with all prisoners. If the Palestinian Authority cares about peace why demand the release of peace-destroying terrorists? The answer is that the PFLP and Hamas reject peace negotiations with Israel.

I remember when we fought to stop the extradition of terrorist and Jew murderer Ziad Abu Ein in the early eighties; he became the chief of prisons in the Palestinian area. How could a terrorist be put in charge of terrorists in prison? You might argue that this was under Arafat but Mahmoud Abbas saw fit to select Latifa Abu Hmeid, the mother of several terrorists involved in multiple attacks on Israeli civilians, to be the ambassador for the Palestinian independence bid and named a Ramallah square after Dalal al-Mughrabi who murdered 37 Israelis.

Arabs are experts in advancing misery and myth by keeping their people in conditions of squalor in order to blame Israel while while screaming about occupation being the problem. It isn’t. From my own experience years ago when I first walked in on a speech by Moshe Elad, an Israeli official who wanted to better the living standards of Palestinians in Dheshe camp near Bethlehem. He explained how his efforts were thwarted by the Palestinian Authority since they wanted to keep the so-called refugees in squalid conditions, to exploit them in order to make an argument about Palestinian misery. What the Arab leaders are doing is exactly the opposite of what they claim they want. Just look at when Ehud Barak was willing to give the Arabs 90% of the lands they asked for; they turned it down.

On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understands that the Obama administration will not put serious pressure on Israel over the Palestinian issue in a US election year; this is why peace talks in Amman were suspended. Netanyahu knows that the entire exercise is a sham and is an attempt at buying time to ward off international pressure while giving lip service to peace negotiations himself; it’s an election year there as well and he wants to win over the centrists in Israel. Of course, King Abdullah of Jordan hosts such events to appease his Palestinian population while the revolution brews in the Middle East. That revolution demands the end of dictators and the implementation of an Islamist regime to supplant Arab Nationalism. He knows that he is better off dealing with non-Islamist Palestinian Authority so he takes photo-ops with Hamas leaders while Saeb Erekat refuses to even listen to a presentation on Israeli security concerns by an Israeli Army general. Consequently, Netanyahu’s negotiations are made easier.

Erekat is in a dilemma; there are pros and cons for peace talks. While the Palestinian ideology portrays Israel as Satan in order to fuel terror aspirations, he is presented with a dilemma when he sits with Israelis and listens to “Satan’s” security concerns. How could the Palestinian on the street justify even having other non-Muslim “satans” like the Quartet and its component members – the US, the EU, the UN and Russia – determine his destiny?

So who can bring all sides to the negotiating table?

Even French President, Nicolas Sarkozy realizes that only Turkey can broker a peace deal since it is perfectly situated in the region as the major super power that does not use Iran’s saber-rattling rhetoric against Israel and is a NATO member. Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan walked out on Perez and sent a Flotilla to Gaza; all of this is to force Israel to the negotiating table.

Both sides – Israeli and Palestinian – know that they will never agree on Jewish access to holy places or the right of return; such things are non-negotiable. Even if all Netanyahu’s demands are met, that the “Palestinians must recognize Israel as the Jewish nation’s state,” that the “treaty must be an end to the conflict,” that the “Arab refugee problem must be solved outside Israel’s borders,” that a “Palestinian state will have to be demilitarized and a peace treaty must safeguard Israel’s security,” that the “settlement blocs will remain within the State of Israel and Jerusalem will remain its united capital,” it won’t matter. Even if the Palestinian Authority will accept all such principles, the problem is not simply the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At the center of this problem is an Islamo-Nazi regime that is rapidly growing throughout the entire region.

Egypt demands an end to the peace-treaty with Israel while 2 million Egyptians repeated the slogan in Tahrir Square, “To Jerusalem we march, martyrs by the millions.” It is now even refusing to allow the exit of high profile Americans. In Libya, Tunisia and Turkey installing Islamist regimes that speak about entering Jerusalem triumphant. It is why Erdoğan tells the 51 Muslim states O.I.C (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), “Jerusalem is the apple of the eye of every Muslim.” Even if Israel gives up the Golan Heights, it will be used by such regimes to advance on Israel’s Adam’s apple.

It’s not a Palestinian land issue but the issue of an existence of Jews on Muslim lands. It is so obvious that those who deny it must do so willingly.

As Blase Pascal once said:

We run heedlessly into the abyss after putting something in front of us to stop us seeing it.


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