Federal Judge who ruled Iran behind 9/11 Vindicated with more Evidence

On December 22nd, 2011 U.S. federal district judge George B. Daniels signed a 53 page document in Havlish v. Iran that found Iran to be behind 9/11. Ten days prior to Daniels’ ruling, the Obama administration welcomed a terrorist with loyalties to the Iranian Ayatollah into the Oval Office. We wrote about that HERE.

Then we reported on the World Tribune article that discussed another ruling by a federal judge, this one in 2007; it said that Iran was responsible for the terror attack that killed hundreds of US Marines in Lebanon. The Obama administration reportedly blocked legislation that would hold Iran accountable.

Now it is learned that Iran is currently working with al-Qaeda according to the Wall Street Journal, via Fox News:

U.S. officials say they believe Iran recently gave new freedoms to as many as five top Al Qaeda operatives who have been under house arrest, including the option to leave the country, and may have provided some material aid to the terrorist group.

The men, who were detained in Iran in 2003, make up Al Qaeda’s so-called management council, a group that includes members of the inner circle that advised Usama bin Laden and an explosives expert widely considered a candidate for a top post in the organization.

As if providing further vindication for Daniels in Havlish, Iran has already threatened terror attacks on American soil. Remember the Iranian terrorist who was invited to the Oval Office? His name is Hadi al-Ameri and he is a longtime, close colleague of the man to whom the Ayatollah reportedly ordered to carry out terror attacks in the United States recently.

If al-Qaeda worked with Iran to perpetrate the 9/11 attacks and the latter is now threatening more attacks against the United States, wouldn’t it make sense to see Iran take the leash off of al-Qaeda today?

U.S. officials believe there have been recent indications that officials in the Iranian government have provided Al Qaeda operatives in Iran limited assistance, including logistical help, money and cars, according to a person briefed on the developments.

Adding to the U.S. pressure on Iran, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told senators in an annual intelligence assessment that U.S. agencies believe the Iranian regime is now more willing to conduct an attack in the U.S.

More willing to conduct an attack in the United States at a time when reports are surfacing that they’re aligning with al-Qaeda to do it?

Judge George B. Daniels, if anyone had doubts about your ruling, they should no longer.

For a summary of Havlish, click HERE.


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