Video: Egyptian Newscaster goes Berserk over Soccer Deaths

Among those of us who saw this all coming, yes, it does get frustrating. It gets frustrating when we see a western mainstream media retain credibility among the hardworking masses who only tune in occasionally, while assuming unbiased reporters are delivering the news, not shaping it. Perhaps the Kardashians should see their ratings tank; maybe then people would wake up and hold the likes of CNN accountable for its fallacious claims that the Arab Spring was all about Democracy. It was about unleashing very evil forces and western media outlets bear a tremendous amount of the responsibility for it.

Here is an Egyptian news report from a man who used to be the goalkeeper for the Egyptian national team. He breaks down and totally loses it.


Anyone really think this is about soccer when riots continue many days after the game was played?

h/t Verum Serum


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