Archive | August 9, 2012


Washington Post’s Dana Milbank latest to defend Huma Abedin

If one starts from the premise that Rep. Michele Bachmann, et. al. is right to question the background of Huma Abedin, there are a lot of people who are wrong. The latest Huma-defender is the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, who attempts to do so by smearing the most prominent voice to call her background and […]

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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer vigorously defends Huma Abedin in interview with Newt Gingrich

Wolf Blitzer, perhaps the most prominent anchor at CNN – the network that attempted to smear Walid as a ‘fraud’ – conducted an interview with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich; the subject of Huma Abedin was discussed. Blitzer was nearly apoplectic when discussing the interest of Rep. Michele Bachmann, et. al. in the background of […]

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