Archive | September 9, 2012


Keith Ellison’s latest attempt at Islamophobia-baiting

Perhaps the most prescient statement from Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) in the video clip below comes at the end, where he says that those who attempt to divide the United States along religious lines “will fail eventually”. The truth is that dividing America along religious lines is exactly what Muslim groups in America seek to […]

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CBS New York: Huma Abedin following Hillary’s model for marriage reconstruction

Marcia Kramer of CBS 2 in New York recently did a story comparing the Hillary Clinton model for dealing with Bill’s sex scandals to how it appears the Secretary of State’s closest advisor, Huma Abedin is dealing with the sexting scandal her husband Anthony Weiner was involved in last year. Well done news report that […]

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9/11 Bombshell Report: 48 Hours away

We have moved up the release of our 9/11 Bombshell report, which contains information about Saudi actions after 9/11 that have never been presented in English. Instead of publishing at Midnight on September 10th, we have decided to publish at 9:11 pm EST on September 10th. 48 hours and counting…

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