Archive | September 21, 2012


Mohamed ElBaradei’s Party Demands Sharia In Egypt

By Theodore Shoebat Mohamed ElBaradei has been seen as the face of the Egyptian revolution, and also as a major moderate voice. He is even a Nobel Peace Prize winner. During the revolution he had given us words which could only appease modern ears, such as this: The priority for me is to — is […]

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Video Shows Eltayeb Mustafa’s Support For Embassy Riot

By Theodore Shoebat A video released this week shows Sudanese rioters in a rage against the Western embassies which they attacked. The first man that appears expresses his contempt for any security for the American embassy in Sudan: The security is suppose to be protecting the people, not the American embassy, because the people are […]

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New Jersey Governor may owe those ‘Crazies’ an apology

An Imam that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has repeatedly defended appears to be calling for a little bit of sharia law in the U.S. because of the recent anti-Muhammad film. Christie has expressed a bizarre level of support for Imam Mohammad Qatanani, who is an associate of and has been defended by a man […]

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