Christian Girl Gets Sexually Molested And Mutilated By Muslims For 13 Days, By 7 Different Men Each Day

Posted by Theodore Shoebat

Watch this powerful and emotional video of Rescue Christians‘ Middle East partner and contact, Sister Hatune Dogan, recounting how the horror Christians girls go through everyday in the Muslim world. In the first story she recalls how a young Christian girl gets kidnapped by Muslims, who then molested and sexually mutilated her for 13 days straight, with each day seven different men ravishing and abusing her. They demanded a $52,000 ransom, and when her parents made it known that they could not pay it, they slashed her face right right on the doorstep of her mother and father. What makes this story even more disturbing, is that the rapists would scream “Allahu Akbar!” as they abused and molested her. It was this wonderful saint, Sister Hatune Dogan, who rescued this horrifically tormented girl.

Rescue Christians is currently supporting Sister Hatune Dogan so that she can continue to rescue Christian girls from this sexual abuse. PLEASE DONATE TO SAVE CHRISTIAN GIRLS FROM MUSLIM ABUSE


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