Jihadist in Syria explains how U.S. and Turkey supply them with Weapons

The fighting and human slaughter in Syria is so bad that the region is definitely home to some serious propaganda wars as well. While the video below is not definitive or independently verified, it does provide information that could be quite useful. It purports to show a Syrian rebel explaining how the U.S. and Turkey are conspiring to get weapons into the hands of the Syrian rebels.

It should be noted that the jihadists who are receiving these weapons are the same ones who are persecuting and slaughtering Syria’s Christians that so desperately need help. You may not have final say on where your tax dollars go but you can certainly help Christians with what the government lets you keep.


As Shoebat.com recently reported, the U.S. and Turkey are the top two most powerful NATO member countries and comprise more than 50 percent of the body’s military forces. If the video below is accurate, it would help to explain why the other 26 NATO countries have been expressing support for Syria’s jihadists as well.

Syria Tube is a pro-Assad channel that promotes the “Military operations of the Syrian army to eliminate terrorism”.

As BNI points out, the video indeed raises questions about why Christopher Stevens was in Benghazi meeting with Turkish Consul General Ali Said Akin shortly before the Special Mission Compound was attacked.


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