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Jihadist in Syria explains how U.S. and Turkey supply them with Weapons

The fighting and human slaughter in Syria is so bad that the region is definitely home to some serious propaganda wars as well. While the video below is not definitive or independently verified, it does provide information that could be quite useful. It purports to show a Syrian rebel explaining how the U.S. and Turkey […]

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China Is Preparing For A War Against Japan

By Theodore Shoebat China is currently preparing for a “short, sharp war” with Japan, with the purpose of resolving the dispute over who controls the Senkaku islands on the East China Sea. Captain James Fannell of the US Naval Institute in San Diego, California, said: We concluded that the [People’s Liberation Army] has been given […]

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French President gets in touch with his French Ancestors; waves another White Flag

In the wake of the Toulouse Jihadist attack, French President Nicolas Sarkozy issued a statement to the people of France in which he encouraged them not to get angry and to give Islam another in a long line of passes. In fact, the Muslim community in France has already begun to seize the upper hand […]

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Homegrown Muslim Terrorist from NYC sentenced for attempting to join Al-Qaeda

Remember that just last week, we reported on CAIR’s outrage that the NYPD had conducted surveillance on a group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, namely the Muslim Students Association (MSA). As if it needed any further vindication, the NYPD received some with the conviction of a NYC man named Betim Kaziu, who was found […]

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