Woman Wears Hijab to experience Discrimination but is Treated like Royalty; concludes people still Racist

Groups like CAIR love to push the narrative that Muslims are constantly being discriminated against. That doesn’t square with an experiment conducted by a Canadian college student. Unless, of course, you dismiss that student’s bizarre interpretation of the results. Anisa Rawhani decided to test the premise that Muslims are discriminated against and wear a hijab around campus.

Rawhani: Racists treat Muslims better than non-Muslims.

Rawhani: Racists treat Muslims better than non-Muslims.

To her credit, Rawhani admitted that she was actually treated much nicer. To her discredit, she bizarrely interpreted the results in a way such that the premise remained in tact; people still discriminate against Muslims.

That’s right. Rawhani concluded that the reason she was treated nicer when dressed as a Muslim was because the racists were actually… wait for it… overcompensating. According to Rawhani:

“It can be that someone actually does harbour racist tendencies but doesn’t want to look racist to others so they overcompensate in that way.”

Therefore, we can conclude – based on this twisted logic – that one symptom of Islamophobia is to treat Muslims better than non-Muslims. That must necessarily mean that Christians are treated worse.

There’s plenty of evidence to support that premise.



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