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Hypersensitive Muslim Bullies and Useful Idiots Angry with Politician For Trying to Cure His Islamophobia

People afflicted with Aviophobia should force themselves to get on an airplane; people with Agoraphobia should force themselves to leave the house; people with Blennophobia should slime themselves; and people with Islamophobia should confront Islam. When Canada’s Prime Minister attempted to do just that, Muslim groups in Canada demanded he apologize. According to CBC News, […]

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Canadian School Board Allows Muslim Students to Sit Out Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers Weeks After Muslim Terrorist Murdered Canadian Soldier

The Canadian equivalent of America’s Memorial Day is Remembrance Day and in a case of politically correct absurdity, Muslim students in that country are not required to participate in ceremonies intended to honor Canada’s fallen soldiers. Providing an additional source of outrage is the fact that it was only weeks ago that a Muslim terrorist […]

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Canadian Muslims Whining that Prime Minister Not Coming to their Defense after Terror Attacks

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not speaking out against an alleged anti-Muslim backlash in the wake of the recent terror attacks in that country. Considering the history of Muslims when it comes to faking hate crimes [here, and here], Harper is likely doing the right thing. Predictably, Muslims in Canada are not happy with […]

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Rise of Islamic Terrorism is Requiring a New Level of Islamic Deception

As Islamic terrorism continues to rise and as the horrors of ISIS continue to take root in the collective consciousness of westerners, stealth Jihadists (stealthists) and Muslim sympathizers (sympies) need to reach a new level of deception. Non-Muslims will seek clearer lines of demarcation between Muslims and radical Muslims, even between Muslims and non-Muslims. As […]

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Groveling Police Chief Falls Victim to Good Cop / Bad Cop

It seems the police chief of Ottawa, Charles Bordeleau is falling victim to a game of good cop / bad cop. After Corporal Nathan Cirillo was murdered by a jihadist who then stormed the Parliament building before being shot by the Sergeant-at-Arms, Bordeleau went to work, shamelessly pleading with leaders of Muslim groups who themselves […]

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NBC Reporter who used to Report for Muslim Brotherhood’s Propaganda Network says Islamic Terrorists not Religious

Ayman Mohyeldin now works for NBC as a reporter but used to work for Al-Jazeera. Earlier this year, he ran media interference for Hamas from his post in Gaza as Israelis battled Palestinians. Now he’s telling viewers that Jihadists like the hatchet man who targeted NYPD cops or the one who shot a Canadian soldier […]

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Canadian Muslim Group with Ties to Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists Lays Wreath Where Muslim Terrorist Killed Canadian Soldier

It was revealed earlier this year that a Muslim organization in Canada known as the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) has ties to Hamas, a militant terrorist wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. Nonetheless, NCCM decided to “reiterate their denunciation of terrorism” while laying a wreath at the site where Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo was […]

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Muslim Group Sues for Libel when Truth about them Told

Most people are familiar with the saying, ‘the truth hurts’. What they’re not familiar with is the Muslim version of that saying, which is: the truth hurts, so sue anyone who tells it. This mantra is now officially on display in Canada after Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to apologize after his spokesman rightly identified […]

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Jihadist in Syria threatens Canada, the U.S. and Obama are next

An young, english-speaking Jihadist who purports to be in Syria was captured on video threatening that Canada and the “American power elite” are next. He closes his exhortation with, “We are going for you, Barack Obama!” We encourage this misguided young jihadist to pick himself up a copy of Audacity of Hope. Upon doing so, […]

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Woman Wears Hijab to experience Discrimination but is Treated like Royalty; concludes people still Racist

Groups like CAIR love to push the narrative that Muslims are constantly being discriminated against. That doesn’t square with an experiment conducted by a Canadian college student. Unless, of course, you dismiss that student’s bizarre interpretation of the results. Anisa Rawhani decided to test the premise that Muslims are discriminated against and wear a hijab […]

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The Case FOR Honor Killing-Phobia

One of the most frustrating things for westerners since 9/11 has been the unwillingness of ‘peaceful’ Muslims to stand against the extremists. That frustration includes a premise that says such Muslims aren’t doing anything. However, what happens when these ‘peaceful’ Muslims actually work against you? In Canada, ‘peaceful’ Muslims are objecting to the use of […]

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Pack of ‘Lone Wolves’ in thwarted Canadian terror plot just grew by one

Last month, Canadian authorities prevented Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser from committing an Islamic terror attack that involved derailing a VIA passenger train. There is no telling how high the death toll would have been had they been successful. Thankfully, they were not. The left-wing media would have you believe that Islam is not what […]

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Shoebat Exclusive: Shocking Facebook of the Canada Train Terrorist

Walid Shoebat Not much is available regarding Chiheb Esseghaier, the man charged with conspiring to derail a VIA passenger train in Canada. That is, until we began researching the Arabic and discovered a Tunisian Al-Qaeda operative’s facebook page in Arabic, all with the chilling details. From western sources, the man’s Internet activities are summarized thusly, […]

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Epic Liberal Smackdown on Islamic Terrorism

This is an outstanding juxtaposition of the liberal view of Islam after the Boston marathon bombings and the conservative view. The host, Michael Coren is a host who isn’t concerned with being perceived as being neutral because the liberal position is fast becoming completely untenable. His two guests are the very liberal Marianne Meed Ward, […]

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Coptic-phobia! Egypt sentences Canadian man to death for role in anti-Muhammad film even though he had nothing to do with it

You gotta admit, sentencing a Coptic Christian man to death for his role in making the Innocence of Muslims is absurd enough but to do it not because he had anything to do it but because he’s… a Coptic Christian man seems both racist and phobic (based on the standard for Islamophobia, of course). When […]

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