Kansas Gunman who Murdered Three an anti-Semite, former KKK Grand Dragon

The gunman who murdered a man and his grandson at a Jewish community center and then a female at a nearby Jewish retirement community was once a KKK leader. According to at least one news report, Frazier Glenn Miller was heard yelling, ‘Heil Hitler’ as he shot his victims.

Grand Dragon

Grand Dragon

Though at least two of the victims were Christians, the shootings occurred at Jewish locations and on the eve of Passover. Police are not yet identifying the shootings as hate crimes or motivated by anti-semitism but Miller clearly has a history that includes hatred for Jews.

The far left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) – as is its modus operandi – is acknowledging Miller’s membership with the KKK but attempts to imply that he is a creature of the far right. In 2012, SPLC attempted to label terrorists within the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement as part of the “radical right”. SPLC has also identified as “hate groups” those who support heterosexual marriage.

Aside from the unassailable fact that the KKK was founded as the armed wing of the Democratic Party, the group also endorsed OWS.

Another group that represents the very anti-semitic Muslim Brotherhood also endorsed OWS; that group is CAIR. The KKK, anti-semites, and the Muslim Brotherhood all have common cause – hatred for Jews.


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