Turkey behind Chemical Attacks in Syria


Another chemical attack has reportedly just taken place inside Syria. Based on mounting evidence about last year’s sarin attack in that country, it is Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan who should be at the top of the suspect list. The most recent attacks were reportedly chlorine-based and according to Shoebat.com sources, may be a precursor to a planned invasion of Syria by Turkey.

Saudi-produced Chlorine found in hands of Syrian rebels.

Saudi-produced Chlorine found in hands of Syrian rebels.

Those sources also tell us that the German government is looking to support Turkey as a NATO ally in any war with Syria.

Should Germany align with Turkey under such a scenario, it would signal an alliance of two nations that have holocausts in their twentieth century pasts. The Turks have still not acknowledged or denounced the Armenian genocide while Germany has done so relative to its Nazi history against the Jews. What’s happening inside Syria right now is Christian genocide and holocaust. However, this is not to say that Turkey’s Erdogan isn’t politically savvy.

A group known as Da’ish, whose human slaughterhouses inside Syria Shoebat.com has revealed, is portraying itself as being helpful to Armenian Christians; this should be viewed as a purely political move to gain favor.

In an exhaustive report, Seymour Hersh wrote about how Turkey was going to manufacture a provocation against the tomb of Suleyman Shah, the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, to warrant an attack against the Assad regime. Recordings purport to contain the voice of Turkey’s intelligence chief Hakan Fidan telling Erdogan how he can make that happen:

‘Now look, my commander, if there is to be justification, the justification is I send four men to the other side. I get them to fire eight missiles into empty land [in the vicinity of the tomb]. That’s not a problem. Justification can be created.’

Shoebat.com has reported on these tactics and provided some of these recordings in the past.

Last August, according to Hersh, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had become extremely desperate for the Obama administration to declare that the Assad regime had crossed the ‘red line’ so that U.S. air power could “turn the tide” in favor of the jihadist rebels. The credibility of Hersh is renowned, especially in left-wing circles and he maintains that Turkey was behind last year’s attack while pushing the narrative that it was Assad; the Obama administration echoed that narrative but ultimately pulled back.


Though Erdogan had been allegedly desperate for U.S. action months earlier, he would have had additional incentive to pull the chemical trigger by August 21st. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood regime had been recently overthrown and attempts by U.S. diplomats – and two Senators – to get the new government to release Brotherhood leaders from prison, proved fruitless. Egypt had become a focus of media attention as well. A chemical attack in Syria predictably could have been seen as a way to divert attention from Egypt; it certainly did.

With all of this as a premise and based on what we know, the burden of proof should fall to Erdogan’s Turkey in the most recent attack. If it was indeed chlorine-based, it’s certainly a chemical that the jihadists have been found to be in possession of in the past, from Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the argument that because “most of the victims were affiliated with the Free Syrian Army” – even if true – should not be considered as evidence against the Assad regime. Erdogan’s exposed tactics include manufactured incidents. Casualties on the side he supports would only help his cause.