Destroy Israel’s Nuclear Reactor?

Bethlehem, Israel. The Vice president of the Middle East in the International Physicians for the Protection From Nuclear War, Dr. Mahmoud Sa’adeh warned in his speech together of a major pending disaster that according to him will “cost the lives of human beings in Palestine”. Sa’adeh claims that because of the continued leakage of radiation from the Israeli nuclear reactor in Dimona will cause pollution which will covers large areas of the south of Palestine to the north, causing the spread of diseases, especially the cancer which according to him is “large and growing.”

(see for original story in the Arabic)

He explained to Maannews that “out of every three people, one is due to nuclear radiation contamination”. Sa’adeh claims that there is a change of generation and the new Palestinian genes, which is beginning to emerge as a result.

He discussed 30 cases in the south of Palestine which is devoid of any common sense and that the birth of children is suffering from congenital deformities caused by radioactive contamination leaking from the reactor in Dimona Israeli.

Sa’adeh also claimed that danger threatens vegetation and animals. Such is the case, he says is happening in southern Hebron, which is now free of trees and animals and the alarming environmental disaster is imminent.

The fallout, he claims is heading towards Jordan and is expected to reach Cyprus and the same distance in a circle around it.

The solution … according to Sa’adeh is “the destruction of the nuclear reactor”.

As far as Iranian nuclear reactors Sa’adeh said nothing.