Muslims treating Christian Girls as Subhuman right now, without Consequence

We’ve brought you case after case of Christian persecution in Pakistan and elsewhere in the middle east but Christian girls are among the most vulnerable in Pakistan. In addition to there being no real freedom of religion in Pakistan, the forced conversion of Christian girls is met with collective apathy because, well, they’re Christian girls.

According to a report in Christian Today, girls are easy targets amidst a poverty-stricken Christian population there:

Christian girls are the weakest and most vulnerable because their communities are poor, defenceless and marginalised, therefore they easily exposed to harassment and threats. Often they do not even have the courage to denounce the violence or lodge complaints about the treatment they suffer.

As we have chronicled at, police in Pakistan – even ones who may have consciences – often stand down in the face of persecution out of concern for self-preservation:

The police are normally inactive and reluctant to register such cases, where Christian or non-Muslims girls are kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam and then married to their Muslim abductor.

Magistrates and lower courts have failed to implement the law, sometimes they are pressurised by the local religious and political leaders, but are mostly complicit. Even the Supreme Court has failed to uphold international norms of justice in non-Muslim cases and use the available selective procedures.

These types of victims fit exactly the profile of Christian girls Rescue Christians aggressively works to save. Please consider donating to this Godly cause.