Malik Obama’s Crazy ‘Partner’ interviewed by Nancy Grace; says Global Warming caused by STD’s

The details about a partnership between Malik Obama and Yisrayl Hawkins published by recently expose a very bizarre relationship between a polygamist Muslim (the President’s brother) and a non-Muslim cult leader in Abilene, TX who has been accused of polygamy by former members of his compound. In 2008, Hawkins was arrested and pleaded ‘no contest’ to bigamy charges.

In this undated video, Hawkins is interviewed by Nancy Grace, who obviously doesn’t think much of him. Perhaps his contention that global warming is caused by sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) didn’t help:

Since the YouTube video has been taken down, here are four audio excerpts from Yisrael Hawkins’ interview with Nancy Grace:

Part 1: Hawkins says Global Warming caused by STD’s (Sexually transmitted diseases):

Part 2: Sins on earth are responsible for Global Warming:

Part 3: Nancy Grace calls out Hawkins for 40 charges of child labor:

Part 4: Nancy Grace attempts to instill hope in caller disgusted by Hawkins’ behavior:


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