Shock! Huma Abedin Defender who was Promoted by CAIR cries ‘Islamophobia’ over Florida Textbook Bill

Muslim Brotherhood front groups and sympathizers are up in arms over the efforts of Florida State Senator Alan Hays to ban Sharia law from being applied in Florida courts and to expunge Islam from school text books. One such front group is CAIR and one such sympathizer is a defender of Huma Abedin, Dean Obeidallah, whom CAIR has promoted in the past, as has reported.

Obeidallah was recently given a platform to mock Hays and to cry ‘Islamophobia’ by the left-wing Daily Beast (h/t BNI), saying that Hays wants to legalize censorship. No doubt, intentionally lost on individuals like this Muslim ‘comedian’ is that when it comes to censorship and Islam, it’s Islam that does the censoring. To demonstrate, we suggest he walk down the street wherever Sharia law is in place, while wearing this shirt:

Obeidallah: Attire not suitable for Saudi streets?

Obeidallah: Attire not suitable for Saudi streets?

As for Hays’ legislation, it arose out of concerns that too much attention was given to Islam in a world history book. In his column, the snarky Obeidallah suggested that Hays has a problem with students learning about other “cultures and religions”. Again, intentionally lost on the ‘comedian’ is the complete and total rejection of non-Muslim cultures in Muslim lands. Saudi Arabia is ‘Judenrein’ or absent Jews and Mahmoud Abbas, who leads the Palestinians Obeidallah obviously supports, pledged that any Palestinian state would be ‘Judenrien’ as well.

As the likes of Obeidallah whine about pseudo-injustices, they ignore the persecution and systematic slaughter of Christians all across the Middle East.


How’s that for being open to other “cultures and religions”, Mr. Obeidallah?

Here is a video of Hays from last month in which he was challenged about supporting the ban of Shariah law in Florida courts. He handled the interrogator quite well:


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