Shocking Leaked Videos: Turkey Conspiring to Spread Destruction


The Antichrist system in Turkey is hard at work right now and two videos reveal a common interest being aggressively pursued in both Syria and Egypt; that common interest is the Muslim Brotherhood’s success. In the first video, terrorists loyal to the Brotherhood’s efforts in Syria can be seen carrying weapons and walking right past Turkish soldiers across the Turkish / Syrian border.

Backing up much of our earlier work at are reports that Turkey is working closely with Qatar to send weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt through Libya and Sudan:

These claims are sufficiently backed up by a video from Veto Gate in Egypt. This shows weapons from Turkey that have been confiscated by Egyptian officials. They were headed to Alexandria through Libya:

Evidence against Turkey sowing strife in Syria’s civil war has been mounting with increasing regularity. Whether in the form of recordings, videos, or reports from very credible journalists, the desperation and frustration of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is becoming both more urgent and more obvious. Things haven’t been going his way lately. Syria has become a stalemate at best, Russia is realizing major gains against Turkish interests in places like Ukraine and Crimea, and the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt brought Erdogan to tears last year.

Erdogan conspiring with Davutoglu.

Erdogan conspiring with Davutoglu.

Take, for example, Turkey’s interest in the fate of 529 Muslim Brotherhood members who were sentenced to death in Egypt recently. A new video obtained by shows the Turkish propaganda machine, hard at work, fomenting anger against Egypt. In this video of a demonstration intended to express support for those prisoners, demonstrators can be seen holding up the Muslim Brotherhood symbol (hand showing four fingers). Many are even crying (much like Erdogan’s performance on national television after Mursi fell in Egypt). The message Turkey wants to send is that by sentencing Muslim Brotherhood leaders to death, Gen. Abdel Fatah el-Sisi is arbitrarily killing Muslims.

As has reported, Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoglu was outraged at the convictions of these Brotherhood leaders in Egypt. Bizarrely, Davutoglu suggested the sentences show that the new Egyptian government is anti-Democratic.

In reality, Egypt is executing terrorists.

Yet, as has pointed out, Davutoglu has been caught conspiring to flood Syria with jihadists who brutally and savagely slaughter Christians indiscriminately. In fact, there is mounting evidence that Erdogan’s government was behind the siege of the Armenian Christian village of Kessab in Syria last month.

Yes, Armenian Christians, the same victims of Turkish genocide about 100 years ago, which both Erdogan and Davutoglu continue to deny.

Meanwhile, as Turks cry for the terrorists who were sentenced to death, they couldn’t care less about the innocent Christians, in much the same way that leftists mourn the death penalty for mass murderers and ignore the slaughter of unborn babies.



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