Obama Blasphemes Islam on Easter Weekend

On Today’s show (Video on T-Span Channel 5)…

Shouldn’t the Muslims be outraged at Malik Obama, the brother of the President of the United States? After all, on his own website, Malik Obama lists as a partner organization, one that is headed by a false prophet named Yisrayl Hawkins. Hawkins, founder and head of the House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas wants to construct Jerusalem’s third temple directly adjacent to Islam’s third holiest site, the Dome of the Rock.

By all accounts, Malik – a devout Muslim – has blasphemed his own religion by consorting with the likes of Hawkins. In Islam, there are no prophets after Muhammad. Yet, the brother of the President of the United States is not only a partner with Hawkins but as such, seeks the same “Peaceful Solution” that the cult seeks.

Ironically, as Malik was visiting the House of Yahweh compound on Good Friday, with an Abilene Police escort, patriotic Americans in Nevada were being accused of being “domestic terrorists” by the Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. Malik, a confirmed polygamist, should have been picked up for questioning about the 501(c)(3) status his organization received from Lois Lerner.

Instead, he was treated like royalty by one local police force while the police force in Nevada that should have been protecting the Bundy ranch from federal agents, stood down.


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