Muslim Man Beats His Daughter To Death After Finding Out That She Converted To Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat

A Muslim man in Uganda, named Abdul Hakim Ibanda, has beaten his daughter to death after finding out that she converted to Christianity. Her name was Nanvunani Shamimu, and she was only 17 years old.

She and her sister, Nawudo Hasifa, both converted to Christianity after both had a dream of seeing Jesus, as Nawudo said:

We both saw a man dressed in white clothes, telling us to go and be prayed for in the church, but he did not tell us which church to go to

They antered United Believers Church in Kawaga, Kamuli District, and decided to dedicate their lives to Christ. As Nawudo recounts:

On Sunday morning we arrived at the United Believers Church and straight away went to see the pastor and explained to him about the dream and that we were ready to be Christians… The pastor prayed for us to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of our lives. After prayers we then went to church, where the pastor introduced us to the church and that we were new members of the church. The church faithful were cheerful to receive us.

But what the sisters did not know is that there were Muslims within the church the whole time, spying on them. They reported to their father that his daughters became Christians, and he was furious. He gathered 32 Muslim youths and they attacked the church. According to Musis James of United Believers Church:

When we saw the rowdy youth approaching the church, the Christians made an alarm and we all left the service in readiness for any eventuality …Some of the Muslims retreated, while a few came to where we were and warned us that the two girls should not worship with them, then they left.

When the sisters arrived home, that is when the violence commenced itself, and their father went on a bloody rage. He took a blunt object and began beating his daughter Nanvunani and her sister Nawudo, who lived to tell the story and recalled:

Our father did not even greet us, but immediately questioned us why we decided to attend the church …We kept quiet. Our silence angered our father. He removed a blunt object and started beating us indiscriminately. My sister was hit somewhere near the neck. She fainted and became unconscious. My father got shocked and stopped beating me. He tried to wake up my sister, but there was no response. I knew she was gone. …When I got out of the house, I decided to slowly escape to the home of a nearby church elder, but I was feeling a lot of pain

A church elder rescued her by placing her on a motorcycle and driving her to a undisclosed village. The pastor of the local area said:

She arrived at my house bleeding… Her left hand was also injured. We as a church have taken the responsibility of taking care of her. …The girl is still traumatized as a result of the death of her sister and needs prayers and counseling

When the pastor said that he has to report what happened to her to the police, the poor girl said:

You people want my father to kill me the way he killed my sister?

The sister also said to an interviewer:

I know I cannot go back to my father because I have become a Christian I am grateful to the church for welcoming me and taking me as their child. I now have a new home.



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