Carney Blamed Benghazi on Video hours before ‘Smoking Gun’ Email

By Ben Barrack

Hours before the alleged ‘smoking gun’ email from a White House Deputy that directed officials to blame the Benghazi attack on a video, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney – who was one of the recipients of that email – blamed the Benghazi attack on a video. Today, he said the email wasn’t even about Benghazi.

One day after the ‘smoking gun’ Benghazi email was released to the public, ABC’s Jonathan Karl pressed Carney. What would Carney do with the revelation that White House Deputy Ben Rhodes sent out an email (Carney was a recipient) three days after the Benghazi attacks that explained Susan Rice would be directed to blame a video for the attacks? As we’ve come to learn, when it comes to Carney, mea culpas are nowhere to be found and lies are in abundance; he did not disappoint today.

Rhodes email: Rice would be directed to blame the video.

Rhodes email: Rice would be directed to blame the video.

First, the video of the exchange between Karl and Carney that focused on the second bullet point in the email above (h/t Hot Air) and then some analysis:

While that’s still fresh in your memory, check out this exchange between Carney and Jake Tapper just hours before Rhodes’ email above. Here, Carney does what Rice would do two days later; he blames the Benghazi attack on a video:

In Carney’s exchange with Karl today, he insisted that the second bullet point in Rhodes’ email was not about Benghazi. Rather, it was intended to convey talking points about what caused the protests outside other embassies in the Middle East (Khartoum, Tunis, and Cairo). It is both interesting and telling that Carney would concede that the protests outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo were the result of the video. One thing that Carney will not and has not conceded is that CNN’s Nic Robertson was outside the Cairo embassy on the morning of the attack as protests were taking place. Those protests – which had been going on for several weeks – were about demanding the release of the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing – Omar Abdel Rahman (“the Blind Sheikh”), as we presented in EXHIBIT Z of our “Ironclad” Report:

Essentially, what Carney said today was that both he and Rice took liberties with the talking points. Taking him at his word, Rhodes’ email didn’t blame Benghazi on a video. Instead, the email was meant to encompass the broader issue of protests in the Middle East over the movie. If that’s true, then why did Carney – and then Rice – make the leap to include Benghazi as being about a video?

Is Carney doing so now to help protect the President?

By asserting that Rhodes – a representative of Obama – was not talking about Benghazi in his email, Carney is attempting to distance the White House from the lie. There’s a problem with this, however.

Carney is also a representative of Obama and he blamed Benghazi on the video hours before Rhodes sent the email.

Another aspect to the protests outside U.S. embassies on 9/11/12 has to do with the actors behind those protests. As reported two days after the attacks, the agenda of Muslim Brotherhood apparatchiks at the time was to protest the video in order to pressure non-Muslim governments to enact laws that would criminalize all criticism of Islam.

The fact remains that the Obama administration’s words and actions served to aid and abet that agenda.