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Susan Rice Lies and Dishonors Dead Soldiers on Sunday Shows… Again

Susan Rice clearly didn’t learn the ‘fool me once, shame on me. fool me twice, shame on you’ lesson. After the Benghazi tragedy, Rice was instructed to lie about a video being responsible for the attacks. She did so on five Sunday talk shows. In so doing, she dishonored all who died. After the announcement […]

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Jay Carney LYING about Threat of Taliban Terrorists

When White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was challenged about releasing five hardened Taliban terrorists to Qatar in the exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, he assured Chris Cuomo that there was nothing to worry about. About such concerns, Carney said: “…the threat potentially posed by the returned detainees was sufficiently mitigated… we do believe and have […]

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Carney Blamed Benghazi on Video hours before ‘Smoking Gun’ Email

By Ben Barrack Hours before the alleged ‘smoking gun’ email from a White House Deputy that directed officials to blame the Benghazi attack on a video, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney – who was one of the recipients of that email – blamed the Benghazi attack on a video. Today, he said the email […]

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Did House Subcommittee Uncover a new Benghazi Lie?

Anyone with a modicum of intellectual honesty knows that Susan Rice lied on September 16, 2012, when she blamed the Benghazi attacks on a video. Now, thanks to a House Subcommittee, there may be evidence that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney lied on September 10, 2012. The House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight Investigations, […]

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CNN Interviews ‘lead suspect’ in Benghazi attacks

Quite a chain of events took place today. First, CNN’s John King reported that Arwa Damon, a CNN colleague of his went to Benghazi and interviewed a ‘lead suspect’ in the attacks for two hours. During this interview, King did not name the suspect but relayed that this individual said he had not been contacted […]

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Scarborough rips… Jay Carney?… on IRS Scandal?

Joe Scarborough long ago crossed over to the dark side of liberalism. His liberal co-host Mika Brzezinski has, no doubt, had a lot of influence on him. That he works for the White House ventriloquist dummy known as MSNBC definitely has something to do with it too. That said, he is capable of having moments […]

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April 2012 Flashback: Jay Carney says Egypt will be Judged by ‘how they act’

Last year, the Obama administration openly welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House. When asked about the visit during the daily White House press briefing, White House press secretary Jay Carney had some interesting comments in defense of welcoming the delegation. Via CNS News: “It’s a fact that Egypt’s political landscape has changed, the […]

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Video: State Department Spokesman actually rankles CNN Reporter with incredible claim

State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell (Victoria Nuland’s replacement) is having a rough go of things early on in his tenure. For example, when a State Department spokesman has to answer tough questions from AP Reporter Matt Lee – the lone reporter in those briefings that consistently does a good job – or Fox News, it’s […]

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Video: Jay Carney says ‘Benghazi happened a long time ago’

There are two big reasons why politicians stonewall. One of those reasons is obvious; there is something they don’t want revealed. The other is that the longer a stonewall is employed, the easier it becomes (so the thinking goes) to say that what’s being hidden is old news and therefore, less relevant. That leads to […]

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Conflicting CBS Reports on when Susan Rice received talking points

Perhaps it’s time for CBS to reconcile some inconsistencies in its reporting about when U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice received her talking points on the Benghazi attack. Given that Rice’s appearances on five talk shows on 9/16 have become a focal point, it might be more than just a little warranted here. First, let’s go back […]

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Forget Susan Rice; who gave Jay Carney his September 14th talking points?

As a direct result of the November 16th testimony given to House and Senate Intelligence committees by former CIA Director David Petraeus, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice has come under the public spotlight. Everyone wants to know who altered her talking points prior to her five Sunday show appearances on September 16th, five days after the […]

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Did Saul Alinsky’s Rule #8 fail Barack and Hillary?

One of the ideological mentors to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was Saul Alinsky, the modern day founder of Community Organizing who dedicated his most known work – Rules for Radicals – to Lucifer. Though Obama never met Alinsky, he was an enthusiastic acolyte. Hillary not only met uncle Saul but she did her […]

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Video: White House is telling us exactly why Muslim riots happening

Every once in a while, a paradox comes along that’s so blatant, it makes complete sense. For example, White House press secretary Jay Carney is adamant that the protests in the Middle East are in response to the anti-Muhammad video. In reality, the protests are about getting people like Carney to blame it on the […]

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