Why Muslims think Jews are like Nazis

If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head when you see Muslims hold signs that equate Jews to Nazis, you’re in luck because in the video below, on Egyptian television, two individuals lay it all out for you. One is former Egyptian MP Dr. Sallah Abdallah on. Apparently, both Nazism and Zionism are racist because well, the Nazis believe they are a superior race and the Jews believe they are God’s chosen people.

The obvious differences not identified are that the Muslim Brotherhood aligned with the Nazis (does that not make the Brotherhood racist too?). Also, the Nazis believed that extermination of inferior races was a requirement for the superior race to be victorious. Again, that sounds a lot more like Islam than it does Judaism. Besides, Jews or anyone else should have the right to believe their God’s chosen people; they just shouldn’t set out to kill people they believe are not.

Jews don’t do that. Nazis and Muslim fundamentalists do.

Enjoy watching these two comedians solve the bizarro world’s problems.



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