Almost One Hundred And Twenty Thousand Ukrainians Enter Poland As Refugees

Over hundred thousand Ukrainian refugees haver entered Poland, according to the Polish government. This war is sparking another refugee crisis that, I hope, won’t lead to another destructive problem. According to Forbes:

Around 115,000 Ukrainians have fled into neighboring Poland since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began three days ago, Pawel Szefernaker, Poland’s deputy interior minister, said Saturday, as Ukrainian forces battle Russian troops on multiple fronts, including around the capital Kyiv.

According to AP:

Dragging suitcases and carrying children, tens of thousands of Ukrainians rushed to the borders Saturday as invading Russian troops pressed their advance into Ukraine, moving toward the country’s capital of Kyiv.

Nearly 120,000 people have so far fled Ukraine into Poland and other neighboring countries in the wake of the Russian invasion, the U.N. refugee agency said Saturday. Some walked many miles through the night while others fled by train, car or bus, forming lines miles long at border crossings. They were greeted by waiting relatives and friends or headed on their own to reception centers organized by neighboring governments.

“This may go up, it’s changing every minute,” said Shabia Mantoo, the spokeswoman of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. “It’s very fluid and changing by the hour.”

The agency expects up to 4 million Ukrainians could flee if the situation deteriorates further.

Those arriving were mostly women, children and the elderly after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy banned men of military age from 18 to 60 from leaving. Some Ukrainian men were heading back into Ukraine from Poland to take up arms against the Russian forces.