The Rise Of Europe

Today, there is a phenomena that is not getting enough attention, and that is the ideology of a pan-European defense headed by Germany, and moreover of a Europe that can be independent of the American empire:

My contention is that we can see parallels between the pan-Europeanism of today and something that existed within Nazi rhetoric: an aspiration for a pan-European military, under German power and with a unifying currency. The EU already has a singular currency, so in this regard, one of the things that the Nazis wanted has already been fulfilled. But the totality of the EU is like a different planet in comparison to the Third Reich. The question is, could the EU metamorphose into something akin to the Third Reich.

The sad reality is that this is entirely possible. To quote Yanis Varoufakis:

“A united Europe, based on free trade, free capital movements, common labor laws and a single currency is unfortunately, as compatible with a Nazi agenda as it is with a progressive, humanist, internationalist one.

It is a fact that the Nazis envisioned a united Europe, under German rule, of course. The Nazis held a concept of “European civilization” of which they believed they were the upholders and revivers. Hans Frank, head of the General Government in Nazi occupied Poland, expressed this belief when he said in an interview:

“My one ambition is to elevate the Polish people to the honor of European civilization.”

Today, there is a strong will for Europe to become independent; for Europe to grip the skeins of its own destiny. Angela Merkel spoke of Europe leading its own destiny, after expressing distrust or the United States; and Macron, in April of 2023, said that Europe can “shape its own destiny”. This rhetoric bespeaks a desire to be independent of American power. This talk of a European destiny can be seen in Nazi rhetoric. The foreign policy experts for the German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop in March of 1943, put together a draft foundation document for a “European Confederation. The document read:

“In order to give tangible expression to the common destiny of European peoples and to ensure that wars never break out again among the, the states here represented have for all time established a European Union.”

The thought of becoming a unified Nazi Europe was seen in its nascent embodiment in the numerous SS divisions from various countries; from Hungry, Romania, Bosnia, Albania, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, etc.

Today, the EU (Germany) is working to create an integrated pan-European military force. Could the EU one day transform into a frankenstein?