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Obama Caught on Video Revealing he is Either a Muslim Apostate or Stealth Jihadist

In a 2006 video, Barack Obama admitted that his father was born a Muslim. Inherent in this admission is that Barack himself was born into the Muslim religion. That’s according to sharia law. Any child born to a Muslim father is recognized in the Islamic religion as being a Muslim. His subsequent admission in the […]

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John McCain Scared by Obama

Senator John McCain is outraged at the release of five Taliban terrorist commanders in exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Seemingly not lost on the Senator is the gravity of this release and the implications of it. In his own words, he said the five that were sent to Qatar have the “blood of thousands” on […]

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Video: Is it time for a John McCain Mea Culpa yet?

While at a town hall meeting on the 2008 campaign trail, Republican nominee John McCain told those in attendance that they did “not need to be scared” of Barack Obama if the Senator from Illinois won the election. From October 10, 2008: Fast forward five years (Benghazi, IRS, and AP Scandals). Can we get an […]

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