John McCain Scared by Obama

Senator John McCain is outraged at the release of five Taliban terrorist commanders in exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Seemingly not lost on the Senator is the gravity of this release and the implications of it. In his own words, he said the five that were sent to Qatar have the “blood of thousands” on their hands and that they represent the “top” of the Taliban command structure.

What shouldn’t be lost on McCain is the man behind the decision – Barack Obama. During a town hall in 2008 prior to the election, an audience member told McCain that he was “scared of an Obama presidency”. McCain’s response to that? “You do not need to be scared” (of an Obama presidency). A bit later, an older woman took the microphone and said she “can’t trust Obama” before calling him an “Arab”. An embarrassed McCain quickly took back the microphone from the woman and dismissed her concern.

Assuming she meant to say “Muslim” instead of “Arab”, the circumstances surrounding the release of Bergdahl and five Taliban terrorists give new found legitimacy to this woman’s concerns. When everything is factored in, would a Muslim president have done anything differently?

According to McCain’s own words, the Bergdahl exchange “could put the lives of American servicemen and women in grave danger in the future”.

It’s time for Mr. McCain to admit he was wrong in 2008, when he publicly stated that Americans “do not need to be scared” of Obama. Even the lady at the end of this video, whom the mainstream media portrayed as an idiot, looks more intelligent than McCain nearly six years later:


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