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Video: Sorry for another Truther Post (just seems appropriate)

It appears that a semi-debate is brewing among a few of our commenters on another post. Somehow, a 9/11 Truther discussion broke out at the bottom of this post. A commenter posted this video that debunks the claim of Truthers who always seem to whip out the ‘steel doesn’t melt at the temperatures the fires […]

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Tsarnaev Trutherism: A Family Affair?

9/11 Truthers – to include Muslim Brotherhood members – believe that Jihadists were not responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Tsarnaev Truthers – to include several members of the Tsarnaev clan – believe that the Boston marathon jihadists are not only innocent but in the case of Mama Zubeidat, that America failed to keep her children […]

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9/11 Truther Alex Jones has a new target – Angelina Jolie

First, where Alex Jones is right. In the video below, the conspiratorially-minded talk show host rightfully calls out Angelina Jolie (assuming he has her positions on Libya and Syria correct). If Jolie supported the NATO action in Libya and supports similar action in Syria, we are in mutual agreement. The problem is where Jones goes […]

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9/11 Truther and Racist running for Secretary of State in Missouri

If you were told that a racist is running for Secretary of State in Missouri, would you think that he must be a conservative or Republican? If you did, you’d be wrong. Via Washington Free Beacon (h/t GWP): A Democratic Party caucus chairman vying to become Missouri’s next secretary of state is a 9/11 Truther […]

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9/11 Truther and Suicide Bomber apologist dies, CAIR Eulogizes

Ghazi Y. Khankan has died. Not only was he a 9/11 Truther and reportedly a defender of suicide bombers, but he was also a Director with CAIR-NY. Consequently, CAIR has seen fit to extend its sympathies. Via PR Newswire: The board and staff of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today offered sincere condolences to […]

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