9/11 Truther Alex Jones has a new target – Angelina Jolie

First, where Alex Jones is right. In the video below, the conspiratorially-minded talk show host rightfully calls out Angelina Jolie (assuming he has her positions on Libya and Syria correct). If Jolie supported the NATO action in Libya and supports similar action in Syria, we are in mutual agreement.

The problem is where Jones goes from there; he points to the United Nations (UN) and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as being the culprits behind the curtain, while all but giving the Muslim Brotherhood a pass.

As the Brotherhood gains power all across the Middle East in a quest to reestablish the Caliphate in what is today Turkey, Jones points to the entities that are ceding power to the Brotherhood as the real villain. Why would the entities in charge cede power to the entities they allegedly control? Ask Alex; he’ll tell you.

We all have different firewalls in our brains that prevent certain truths from getting through and setting in. Jones’ firewall appears to be anything that involves the power behind the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda. Here is a photo of what Jones looks like whenever you try to explain it.

Here’s the video of Jones ripping Jolie, Via Gossip Cop (h/t MediaIte):


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