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Geraldo Behaving like a Stealth Jihadist Practicing Muruna while defending Hamas with his Human Hand Shield

Hamas hides behind its own civilians; Geraldo Rivera hides behind his own hand. Geraldo, who has been siding with Hamas against Israel in the current Gaza fighting by relying on moral equivalency, points to the tattoo of the Jewish Star on his hand whenever he’s accused of defending Hamas. In an exchange on a Fox […]

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Ben Barrack on Andrea Tantaros show about Benghazi

Sam Sorbo, guest host on the Andrea Tantaros show, had Ben Barrack on today to discuss the recent controversy surrounding the 60 Minutes piece on Benghazi that aired on October 27th and narrated by Lara Logan. In the days after that airing, the Washington Post reported that one of the individuals interviewed by Logan – […]

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Andrea Tantaros Interviews Walid

Walid interviewed by Tantaros: Walid recently appeared on the Andrea Tantaros show and spoke on a wide array of topics. The interview starts out with a discussion on Syria and why Walid believes the Syrian rebels are responsible for Chemical weapons attacks, not the Assad regime. The case against the rebels has increased since the […]

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Andrea Tantaros interviews Walid

Andrea Tantaros interviewed Walid today on the subject of Egypt. The conversation soon turned toward an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood connection to the Benghazi attacks. This subject greatly interested Tantaros who was intrigued by the connection of Tariq Taha Abu Al-Azm to the attacks. Based on the questions Tantaros was asking, she seems to have a […]

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