Geraldo Behaving like a Stealth Jihadist Practicing Muruna while defending Hamas with his Human Hand Shield

Hamas hides behind its own civilians; Geraldo Rivera hides behind his own hand. Geraldo, who has been siding with Hamas against Israel in the current Gaza fighting by relying on moral equivalency, points to the tattoo of the Jewish Star on his hand whenever he’s accused of defending Hamas.

In an exchange on a Fox News program, Andrea Tantaros referred to “people like you” while placing Geraldo in the camp of Hamas-defenders. Geraldo immediately went to race, attempting to imply that Tantaros was placing him in an ethnic category. To her credit, Tantaros pressed forward and clarified that “people like you” was a reference to Hamas defenders.

The irony is that Hamas defenders are the actual racists.

Ah, but Geraldo hides behind a tattoo:

Whenever questions about Huma Abedin – the daughter of a Muslim Sisterhood leader – are raised, she can point to the fact that she is married to a Jew in Anthony Weiner.

The charge here is not that Geraldo is a Muslim fundamentalist, only that he is using a tactic used by said fundamentalists.

As has explained, Muruna is a tactic of deceit sanctioned by the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Under Muruna, Muslims are permitted to blaspheme their religion or otherwise do things prohibited by Islam if it has the effect of furthering the cause of Islam.

Whenever Geraldo is caught having to defend his indefensible position of defending Hamas, he points to the Jewish star tattooed on his hand as evidence that he supports Israel.

Of course, the irony is that by defending Hamas and chastising Israel, Geraldo is actually adding fuel to the fire by validating Hamas tactics that result in the deaths of civilians.


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