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Santa and his Gun vs. Muslim Terrorist with Knife

In an amazing one panel cartoon doubling as a Christmas card, everything that should be screamed from the pulpits of Christian churches is succinctly expressed without one word, neither written nor spoken. A knife-wielding jihadist intending to murder baby Jesus is confronted by a gun-wielding Santa Claus. Somethings just make Santa come out of a […]

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Muslims Who Insist ISIS Not Islamic Get Mad when Non-Muslims Publish ISIS Cartoon

Barack Obama told us that ‘ISIL is not Islamic’. Leaders of Muslim groups told us that ISIS is even ‘anti-Islamic’. Yet, the editor of a newspaper that published a cartoon that mocked ISIS may be facing the wrath of Islamic blasphemy laws. #Indonesia: Jakarta Post editor faces blasphemy charge for cartoon mocking #ISIS – Absurd. […]

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University of Central Arkansas teacher says she Apologized to Saudi students on her own

We received an email from the University of Central Arkansas teacher at the center of this story, which originated from a report from a website called Emirates 24/7. Emirates 24/7 reported that several Saudi students took offense to a photo that the teacher “liked” on facebook and went to her superiors to demand an apology, […]

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Video: Swedish Cartoonist Attacked by Angry Muslims

Remember Lars Vilks, the Swedish cartoonist who drew a picture of the head of Islam’s prophet Muhammad on the body of a dog? That was five years ago. Nonetheless, while speaking to a crowd about free expression, Muslims in the audience shouted “Allahu Akhbar” and pelted Vilks with eggs. Ah, the religion of tolerance. h/t […]

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