University of Central Arkansas teacher says she Apologized to Saudi students on her own

We received an email from the University of Central Arkansas teacher at the center of this story, which originated from a report from a website called Emirates 24/7.

Emirates 24/7 reported that several Saudi students took offense to a photo that the teacher “liked” on facebook and went to her superiors to demand an apology, which she subsequently gave.

According to the teacher, only one student complained and it was not one who knew her. Furthermore, she says, the school didn’t make her apologize but that she did so on her own.

Before telling us that she would direct all future requests for information to the University, she sent a link to a story she maintains gets it right more than most but is still not fully accurate.

Here is that story, via Blazing Cat Fur:

My source, “Deep Camel”, gives a slightly different version. There was no “We” united in outrage. One, count em, 1 individual, a Saudi who is not a student of nor familiar with Ms. Cicily Tubb-Warbington took offense. Ms. Tub-Warbington’s Saudi students have in fact stood by her throughout.

The instructor saw this caption on Facebook and “liked” it: “Who agrees that it is not good to have a pedophile as one of the role models for youth in society”

Here is more detail from the source the teacher concedes is incomplete but more accurate than most:

She’s pretty much adored by the vast majority of her students, including all the Saudis. As of this afternoon, around 15 of her Saudi male students had changed their FB profile pic to a pic of her, to show support. They’re horrified and seriously dismayed at how this ONE student has caused so much trouble for her. Two of her former students (Saudis) even complained to the Saudi embassy about the trouble-maker. I’m not sure if they asked for something specific to be done, or if they just made the embassy aware he was causing trouble for a favorite teacher. It’s almost too insane to be believed, that one person who doesn’t even know her has the ability to cause her so much trouble.

If the Emirates 24/7 story is accurate, we have a case of dhimmitude; if the teacher is accurate, we seem to have an Islamic opportunist.


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