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When Christian Militancy Goes Down, Islam Rises (Bring Back The Crusade!)

By Theodore Shoebat When Christian militancy goes down, Islam rises. We have lost the once fiery spirit of the Crusades, and now Christendom has all but fallen asleep, awaiting to be awakened from this nightmare so that it may live the dream that was once the glory days of Christianity. We know of the atrocities […]

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Christian Supremacy Must Reign If Christendom Is Going To Arise And Defeat Islam

By Theodore Shoebat Christian supremacy must reign if Christendom is going to arise and destroy Islam. The flower of Christendom will soon bloom to illuminate the world, and dissipate the darkness of false doctrine and Satan’s deceptions. Soon, the armies of Saints, bearing the mark of God on their foreheads, with the Word of God […]

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Christian Militancy And The Crusades Are Good, Satanic Muslim Jihad And Islam Are Evil

By Theodore Shoebat Christian militancy and the Crusades are good, satanic jihad and Islam are evil. This is what I have to say to those modern Christians who always ask me, every time I speak of Christian militancy and crusading, “What makes you so different from the Muslims and their jihad?” or to those who […]

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