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Muslim’s little head Decapitated by Woman in ‘TYRANT’, CAIR up in Arms

**Minor Spoiler Alert** In the first episode of the new FX series ‘TYRANT’, a scene that could have been billed as both climatic and anti-climatic involved a Muslim driving a Ferrari and forcing a woman to do something sexual that she didn’t want to do. In the moments that followed, the character known as Jamal […]

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Megyn Kelly Rips CAIR Official, defends Ayaan Hirsi Ali over Honor Violence

Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly continues to put her male counterparts (Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity) to shame when it comes to the matter of confronting CAIR. Shoebat.com has published several reports on her doing so recently. The common thread running through all of her segments on the topic has been CAIR’s problems with a […]

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U.S. Army Instructor makes the case for “Islamophobia” (sort of)

During a presentation, a U.S. Army Instructor whipped out a slide that identified examples of “Religious Extremism”. Note the photo of that list below. The second item on the list is “Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt / Muslim)”. At the bottom of the list? Islamophobia. Via Todd Starnes at Fox News Radio: Is it a good thing […]

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Video: CAIR News Update

Don’t you love it how a group whose founders support the very racist Hamas spend all of their time crying about being victims of discrimination? Click Here to sign up for our daily newsletter and never miss what’s going on at Shoebat.com Here’s CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper in his group’s news update video: h/t BNI

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CAIR Sued for Fraud! Paging CNN…

This story is laced with multiple levels of irony. First of all, if the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) had a daily mantra, it’d be that anyone who raises questions about its agenda must be Islamophobic. Enter David Yerushalmi, a Jewish attorney whom Mother Jones refers to as a ‘White Supremacist’ who is leading […]

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