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America’s Leaders Have Allowed Stealth Jihadists, Al-Qaeda Terrorists and ISIS to Grow Stronger BEFORE and AFTER 9/11 But there is a Simple Solution – COMING CLEAN

This article is the second in a series. Part one can be read here. Before Ayman al-Zawahiri became a leader with al-Qaeda, he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. After the U.S. invaded Iraq, al-Qaeda took root there thanks to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Since then, it has become ISIS. To say American leadership has […]

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Jimmy Jihad Carter Formally Betrays his Country at ISNA Convention

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter spoke at the annual ISNA Conference in Detroit this past weekend. As has been demonstrated, the ISNA is a Muslim Brotherhood front group in the U.S. During his speech, Carter exhorted attendees to implement the “principles of Allah”. Regardless of what your take is on radical Islam vs. Islam, as […]

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Jimmy Carter giving Keynote Speech at ISNA Convention after Assassination of Anwar Sadat; Like LBJ giving Keynote Speech at KKK Convention after MLK Assassination

The former U.S. President credited with bringing Egypt and Israel together to sign the Camp David Accords will be delivering the keynote speech at this year’s annual ISNA convention. The Muslim Brotherhood, which formed the ISNA was behind the assassination of Anwar Sadat, the President of Egypt who signed the treaty. Based on his role […]

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Hamas Propagandist Jimmy Carter calls for Israel to Surrender to Terrorists

Before deconstructing Jimmy Carter’s pro-Hamas screed in Foreign Policy, it’s worth putting into context exactly who he’s defending. In 1978, Carter proudly brokered the Camp David Peace Accords that granted the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood vehemently rejected the treaty, ultimately assassinating Egyptian President Anwar Sadat for signing it AND for abandoning efforts […]

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The man who let Terrorists Kidnap Americans is ok with letting one of those Terrorists become U.N. Ambassador

Former President Jimmy Carter has chimed in on Iran’s decision to appoint one of the terrorists responsible for holding 52 Americans hostage for 444 days on Carter’s watch, as its ambassador to the United Nations. In an interview with WTOP radio, Carter said the following about Hamid Aboutalebi: “You know, those were college students at […]

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Egyptian sentiment for ending Peace Treaty with Israel growing?

In left wing parlance, the term ‘Hudna’ is nothing more than a ‘peace treaty’ that gives both sides the opportunity to reach a mutually beneficial understanding. ‘Peace treaty,’ like ‘Arab Spring’ sounds so tranquil and welcoming, doesn’t it? In the Muslim world, Hudna means something far more tactical: What is being touted as a ‘cease-fire’ […]

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Egyptian Presidential frontrunners both declare Israel an Enemy

If Jimmy Carter has anything to hang his hat on as president, it was the Camp David Accords. Yet, as the Middle East burns, he has expressed his support for the group that assassinated Anwar Sadat – the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, both Abdul Monheim Aboul Fotouh – expelled from the Muslim Brotherhood only because he […]

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Jimmy Carter says the Muslim Brotherhood can be Trusted

During a national radio interview, former president Jimmy Carter was asked about the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and if its success in elections there might jeopardize the peace treaty he brokered between Israel’s Menachim Begin and Egypt’s Anwar Sadat. Carter’s response? Well, of course, the Muslim Brotherhood should be trusted to honor […]

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