Egyptian sentiment for ending Peace Treaty with Israel growing?

In left wing parlance, the term ‘Hudna’ is nothing more than a ‘peace treaty’ that gives both sides the opportunity to reach a mutually beneficial understanding. ‘Peace treaty,’ like ‘Arab Spring’ sounds so tranquil and welcoming, doesn’t it? In the Muslim world, Hudna means something far more tactical:

What is being touted as a ‘cease-fire’ is something called a ‘hudna.’ A hudna [also known as a hudibiyya or khudaibiya] is a tactical cease-fire that allows the Arabs to rebuild their terrorist infrastructure in order to be more effective when the “cease-fire” is called off.

Now, one year into the ‘Arab Spring,’ a plurality of Egyptians seem to want to end the treaty with Israel. Via the Jerusalem Post:

Six in ten Egyptians want to cancel the peace treaty with Israel, a new poll has found, up from just over half of respondents since last year’s survey.

The poll, released last week by the Washington-based Pew Research Center, showed 61 percent of Egyptians want to cancel the 1979 agreement, while a third want to keep the treaty and the rest are undecided.

The survey found opposition to the agreement had grown significantly over the last year among people under 30 (up 14 percentage points to 64%) and the college-educated (up 18 points to 58%).

What has Egypt gotten since the treaty with Israel was signed in 1979? They got the Sinai Peninsula and in 2005 they got the Gaza strip. Why would they want to end the Peace Treaty? Based on what?

Paging Jimmy Carter…

Ben Barrack is a talk show host and author of the upcoming book, Unsung Davids


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