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Chickensh*t Comment Opens Can of Worms After Going Viral

While Ebola has been traced back to bat excrement, it’s ‘chickensh*t’ that’s making news at the moment. The revelation that a ‘senior official’ in the Obama administration accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of being a ‘chickensh*t’ is getting significant traction; it’s actually going viral days away from an election. Steve Hayes made an excellent […]

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‘Lone Wolf’ Fort Hood Jihadist who Committed ‘Workplace Violence’ wants to join Islamic Caliphate

Fort Hood jihadist Nidal Malik Hasan, whose murders the Defense Department identified as the result of ‘workplace violence’ (signaling that Hasan was a lone wolf not motivated by religion) wants to become a citizen of ISIS Caliphate. Hasan, who was mentored by Anwar al-Awlaki – a man whom the Department of Defense embraced after 9/11 […]

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Obama Going Out of His way to Avoid Public Alliance with Bashar al-Assad to Defeat ISIS

The Obama administration is going out of its way to avoid any kind of public admission that it is working with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad to fight ISIS. In reality, the implementation of any serious strategy to defeat ISIS in Syria will require the U.S. to work with Assad. In the case of not just Obama […]

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